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Thanks, Giving. November 26, 2009

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A few things that I am thankful for this year:

1.) My family.  We are all safe and comfortable in our lives.  Yeah, money may be a little tight this year, but remember, there are probably about a billion people on this planet who would die so that their children could have what we already do.

2.) My furry family.  They are all still healthy and safe, even with the newest member to be added.  Just think, even they are probably living better than about half a billion of those people!

3.) My friends.  This has been an extremely tough year for me what with the move and all.  I’m thankful for my friends, both old and new, who helped me though the transition.  If I am not with you this year, know that I wish that I was…

4.) The house.  We are so blessed to live in a beautiful, distinctive place filled with wonderful books and treasures (and more than a little yarn!).  We have amazing views and we live in a village where the sense of community is strong.

5.) My health.  This one is sort of ironic given that I was quite sick yesterday.  However, generally both the hubby and I are healthy.  I have a lot of friends with chronic health issues and I recognize just how horrible that can be.

6.) My safety.  I live in an incredibly safe place.  There are millions of women in this world who cannot say the same.

7.) My job.  As much as I may not really enjoy it, I have one while thousands of folks wish that they did.  Add to that, I have the option of working.

8.) That I was born in 1978 rather than 1878.  One word folks: tampons.

When you think about things like this, it makes anything in your life seem a little less dire.  Go on, think about the things that you are thankful for today, no matter where you live!


Elaboration November 24, 2009

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So, to elaborate on the last post a bit…

I got a job.  It doesn’t pay well and the 3 days a week that I work take a day (at least) to recover from.  I’m on my feet all day in (cue evil music here) dress shoes.  I don’t mind being on my feet a lot.  My last job had me walking all over concrete all day but it’s the dress shoes part that kills me.  I don’t know how (or why) people actually choose to wear them.  Anyway, the people who I am working with are infallibly nice and kind, it’s just sort of a tough job for someone like me to do.  Since it is only until January, I’ll stick it out and hope that my feet toughen up a little bit!

The dog that we found we are calling Malcolm (those of you who are Firefly/Serenity fans will know what I was watching before I found him!).  He’s very pretty but he is a lot of work.  He needs a run a couple of times a day or he gets really bored and antsy.  I have gotten together with a neighbor and we are going to walk together a couple of times a day as she has a lovely Golden Retriever that loves to play.  Mal keeps trying to play with Weezy and Meara but he’s just too big and is continuously stepping on them by accident.  I think that it will be good for him to get to rough-house with someone closer to his own size.


Mr Malcolm after a good run.



The weather here has been trying for the past couple of weeks.  It ranges from raining to blowing rain to gusting rain or just gusting.  You can imagine how much fun that has been to take the dogs out into.  At least it gives me some interesting clouds to look at!

My Yarn Therapy group is starting to take off in fits and starts.  I have actually had other people attending it!  I’m very pleased with the ladies that I have had attend so far.  We always get comments from folks that are having dinner in the pub as well.  I’m hoping that more will come as soon as the word gets out some more!


Lots November 22, 2009

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There is lots of stuff going on in my life currently.

I started a new job last week.  It is in retail and it is only for the duration of the holiday season.  However, as temporary as it is, it still required more or less 3 days of training.  I am only working 3 days a week, but it definitely leaves my feet a hurting.

Last week on my way home from the above mentioned job, I found a dog.  He is a sort of lurcher and we think that he was in the area due to some “gypsy” activity that included hare coursing as some people were arrested doing just that.  He’s a beautiful boy but have had my hands full as he is A.) wickedly smart, B.) not housetrained and C.) scary fast.

Also, last week the hubby was in India, so I was alone handling, urm, everything…

So, sorry about the silence.  I’ll write more when I have a chance


Great (Cat) Balls of Fire!!! November 2, 2009

A couple of nights ago the hubby and I were setting up for an invigorating game of scrabble (I know, we are the most boring couple on the planet!!) and we had lit a few candles on the dinning room table.  Now, I’m not sure what Jiji thought that I was doing up there, but food (her usual motivator to do anything that requires, you know, moving [Jiji is our personal incarnation of Jaba the Hut {but without the hot, ill-fitting metal bikini clad Carrie Fisher on the end of a chain}]) wasn’t part of the package.  So, she hops up on the table to nose around and, well, not to put to fine of a point on it, sets herself on fire.  Now, something that I learned from watching the fire woosh up her side is that cat fur does not have the same flame retardant/resistant properties as wool!!! She wasn’t hurt at all, just had a bunch of her hairs singed which caused her to clean herself for hours after we brushed the cat fur charcoal off of her so that she wouldn’t ingest it.  Ahhhh, the smell of burning cat fur right before bed….

Tomorrow night is Yarn Therapy here in lovely Ivinghoe Aston.  I know I haven’t mentioned it too much of late but it seems that everyone decided to join a knitting group while I was traipsing around the US and Canada.  So, to that end I will be in the pub two nights in a row as tonight is Quiz Night!  Woo hoo!  On the first Monday of each month we have these down at the Village Swan.  Neither Tech Support nor I are any good at them usually, sort of a cultural relevancy issue mostly.  What I mean is that people who are famous here are quite often not the same famous people as in the US.  That, and we didn’t really learn Prime Ministers in the US:-)  Anyway, it’s a fun night for us as we usually learn a great deal about recent the history of our village from one of our team mates as well as it being a really good time to pump people for information about, well, stuff around here as most everyone in the village without small children tend to attend.

I also want to give a great big shout out to my friend Terri Pike who got a huge mention on Cast-On today!!  Go check out her very cool website with tutorials on how to felt.  Just remember Terri, we were on Cast-On first 😉

I am sending to the pond once again, the gray sock.  Not only does it not fit my feet but while traveling home from the US an entire needle slid out dropping all of the stitches which, pretty bad on it’s own, was then compounded by the motion of the baggage being moved around and such making all of the dropped stitches run like wussies back down the foot of the sock until they came to the heel.  This sock is not only being frog-ponded but it will have the added pleasure of being put into the time-out corner as well!  Since that left me sans a sock to knit on, I got out the Krafty Koala sock yarn that I got at Woolfest this spring.  It’s called Tui Sock and is a Merino/Cashmere/Nylon blend in the colorway “Undergrowth”.  To say that I nearly had a yarngasam just balling it (get your mind out of the gutter!) would be an understatement.  This stuff is so soft and smooshy I really would love to knit a pillowcase out of it.  The color is a dark green with just hints of blue-ish in it.  I will post a picture when I find a time that I can stop fondling it.  Until then, I have some yarn to molest 🙂