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Back to School August 31, 2012

The past 2 weeks have been hectic here as I get back into the rhythm of classes on campus.  I was also given a “surprise” assistant ship which means that I hadn’t been expecting it at all and threw a massive wrench into the workings of my first week back in school.  However, I am immensely grateful to all of the professors and staff who worked really hard to put it together for me.  You see, I am probably going to have about 6 bosses.  The money for my assistant ship is coming from a plethora of sources and they all get a few hours of me a week.  It’s not a “standard” assistant ship and I know that it took a lot of work and finagling for it to come about the way that it did.

I’ve only been part of the department a few weeks now, but I already feel sort-of part of it.  I have a desk assigned to me which I hadn’t expected.  I’m learning who to talk to about what.  In many ways, it’s a lot like starting a new job.  Really, in a way, it is a new job.  For the next few years, my priority is on learning, not on producing, but it’s just as measurable what with a semester-ly reports of my progress in the form of grades:-)

This last week of school has been a tad more difficult due to two things.  First off, I got the summer cold/sinus infection that has been going around.  How do I know that it’s going around?  Just take a listen in my psych 230 class at all the coughing and honking of noses and you can tell that it’s making the rounds.  Anyway, I’ve been trying to avoid as much extra stuff as I can just to give me a little time to recover and rest.  My first time at Iowa State, I had a cold/cough that kept popping back up week after week for over a semester.  I guess that one of the advantages of age is understanding that if you push yourself too hard while you are still sick you don’t get better. No matter how many wonder drugs you pump yourself full of, the things we need most are time and rest.

The other thing that made my week a little more complicated was that the Iowa State campus had a visit from a sitting President.  Yep. President Obama stood outside my building and gave a speech to more than 6000 people on Tuesday.  This meant that Curtiss Hall (where my department is housed) was essentially closed from Monday afternoon until Tuesday evening as the Secret Service had to do checks for bombs and other security measures prior to the President’s visit.  They also closed streets around campus making the bus schedules a little wonky.  Tuesday I was still feeling really unwell, so I just got to my class in the morning and tried to stay off campus the rest of the day.  There were helicopters flying overhead the entire time that the President was in Ames (he arrived on Marine One from Des Moines where Air Force One landed).  I wish that I could have gone, but given that it was quite hot that day, I’m really glad that I didn’t (see above: rest).

I haven’t taken any photos of my campus yet.  Just wait, I’ve been itching to get my camera there and take some pictures to share with y’all.  It’s a really beautiful campus and I honestly cannot wait to share it with all of you!



College Life-Moving August 19, 2012

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One of the things that I seem to remember about college the first time around was all the moves that I made.  In about a year and a half, I moved 5 times.  Which isn’t even a lot for some students.  I remember one girl telling me that she moved 5 times her first year in school as she couldn’t get along with any of her roommates (at what point do you start wondering if it isn’t actually them and is really you???).  So, this week is my first move.  I know that I will have at least 1 more in the coming 2 years as this move is only until the end of the Spring semester.  I don’t know if I will have to find another place in Ames for the summer because I don’t know if I am taking summer classes or not (I’m hoping towards not, so I can work over the summer and not pay rent).

So, since I have to be ready to move out of my current apartment by Tuesday at 9:30 am I have lots of crates of stuff stacked in my room currently.  I have sorted things that I will need in this new place (Meara’s crate and treats and such, she’s moving with me!) from things that I don’t need (dishes and the like for example, it comes with a fully kitted-out kitchen).  Yesterday afternoon, I went over to my storage unit and wrestled 2 of my (many, many, many, many) bookshelves out complete with the shelves that fit in them.  I’m not certain that they will both fit in the new place, but it was easier to get them both out now rather than just get one and try to get the other one out later.  I’m not taking a huge amount of furniture with me.  It’s a little bedroom and there is already a dresser and a desk there.  Just a twin bed, the bookshelves, a fan, a bedside stand, and Meara’s crate.  I may take a trunk later if there is still space, but that can always fit in the car.  I’ve got black, plastic crates that look like these (though not nearly so colorful) that should fit under my bed to store things like out of season clothes and extra supplies.  For those interested, I got the crates for $1.99 each at a local garden center.  They get their bare-root perennials shipped in them and then sell the crates in the spring and summer.  They are cheap and seriously strong and great for things in the garden or the workshop too!  I will take a picture when I get everything set-up.  Hopefully.

However, before I can enjoy the excitement of moving into a new place I have to finish with the drudgery of getting out of the old place.  I have gone through an entire can of Pledge furniture polish cleaning all the wooden surfaces in the apartment.  I’m about half-way through the second one at this point!  I’ve scrubbed the tub and shower and blitzed the oven interior and even pledged the inside and outside of all the cabinets in the place.  I still need to do floors both vacuuming and mopping, as well as the windows (there aren’t that many of those luckily).  But the biggest issue is getting the couch out!  My roommate left in a hurry (long story, but not bad in any way) and now the behemoth is mine and I have to figure out how to get it out of here…  Sigh.

The next week:

I’m now moved into my new place.  Meara and her new roomie (a little boy dog) are getting along remarkably well.  England was good for chilling her the heck out.  Before England (B.E.) this move wouldn’t have gone well at all with her getting seriously bent out of shape by a strange dog being in her space.  Now, as long as he doesn’t take her bone or try to get on the bed when she’s there, she could really care less.  Which is good.  As I write, he’s camped-out under the desk between my feet and she’s snoozing on the bed in front of the fan.  My new room is a little smaller than the one that I moved from, but I get to have Meara here, so an ok trade in my opinion.  Here’s what the room looks like.

Yes, I use a bookshelf for a headboard for my bed. The lower shelves that are covered by the bed are used for spare blankets and things that don’t get used very often. I can still get to them pretty easily as it is only a twin bed.

I really prefer to be able to look out a window when I am at a desk. I’ve brought a much better chair since I took this picture.

The dresser matching the bookshelves wasn’t planned, but it worked out well. Meara’s crate is at the foot of my bed and now my spinning wheel is behind it (not in this photo obviously).

The desk and dresser both came with the room and everything else is mine.  The room is on the North-East side of the house, so I have good, but not overpowering sunshine.  I really like having morning sun as I think it helps me to wake the heck up!


The Eyes Have It August 5, 2012

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