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What I got January 30, 2013

So, I was asked to share what I got at Sticks and Sting this year.  I assure you it is modest in the most!  SAS2012yarn

The yellow yarn on the left is a custom dyed skein of Superwash Merino 3 ply yarn that came with my goodie bag (but that I forgot to photograph!) by Dreams in Fiber.  The middle blue and white merino/nylon superwash yarn is also by Dreams in Fiber and the colorway is “The Box”.  The bundle on the right is by Blue Ridge Yarns and it’s called Footlights in the colorway “Pansies”.

Yeah, I was that restrained.  But you see, I have this at home.


All those skeins in the plastic baggies on the top shelf? Wollmeise. The rest is an assortment of Blue Moon Fiber Arts and other various sock yarn companies.  I assure you that this isn’t all of my sock yarn, just what I’ve brought with me to Ames!

In other news, we had snow blow-in early this morning.  I fell on my arse twice in the parking lot just trying to get to Curtiss!  I was both wet and sore by the time I got to my office this morning.  Most, most annoying since I had even “prepared” by wearing my snow boots and was all decked-out for the weather. It is not supposed to happen if you prepare for it!!!! (Sarah’s Law)





Sticks and String 2013 January 27, 2013

Once again I went to the Sticks and String annual knitting retreat held in Des Moines, Iowa this year.  It was lovely as ever, with a wonderful marketplace and lots of friendly knitters to get to know!  These are some photos from the market place!  I only got a couple of things there (I was actually really quite restrained!).



There was also a fantastic goodie bag with the theme of “Let’s Accessorize!”.  Included in it was something that I have always wanted to get but have never really been able to justify buying.  A yardage counter!


There was also a pack of post-its, a lovely mug, a roll of highlighter tape, a little tin of stitch markers, a skein of sportweight alpaca yarn from C&M Acres, an “I love Knitting” pin from Purdy Things, a little pair of scissors, a mini skein of sock yarn from The Painted Tiger, a knitting tool, some needle keepers, a tube of Udderly Smooth cream, a hand sewn bag to keep it all in from Darnit! Sew What?, and a nice sized project bag from Lion Brand yarn.

It is still actually going on today, but alas, winter storm Luna decided to come and ice on my parade.  I got up this morning and went to let the dogs out and took a few experimental steps off our porch and nearly bit it straight away.  So, no driving to Des Moines for me today!  Does anybody know when they started naming every single storm that comes through??  I mean, I can remember a time when we just called them storms and didn’t give them Christian names.  I understand the naming of hurricanes, but blizzards? Ice storms?  Really????


The Flash Blogger January 25, 2013

I’ve been reading the ladies over at the Mason-Dixon and their lightning blog posts for the past few weeks and I’m thinking that this might be what is needed to get me back into writing here.  So, thanks Kay and Ann! (or not possibly:-))

My life here in Ames got busy in a hurry thus my abrupt departure from the blog.  School started taking up a lot more of my time what with projects and papers becoming due.  I also started getting to know my fellow grad students in my department and having this weird thing called “a life”.  Not a hugely glamorous one with red carpets and VIP lounges, but a life never the less.  Often we can be found at each other’s places eating, drinking, or just hanging-out watching Big Bang Theory.
Immediately after Thanksgiving Meara became ill.  She was diagnosed with an unusual type of anemia.  The second week of December she died.  This really took the wind out of my sails and the cheer out of my Christmas.  You should be glad that you didn’t hear from me during December as I was about as cheerful as a lump of, well, poop.

I’m hoping that this semester pulls itself out of the ditch that it’s in currently.  I have been ill, which never makes anyone cheerful.  It has the potential to be an enormously kick-ass semester.  I am taking a class called “Foods of Animal Origins” which, is basically what it sounds like.  For the lab on Wednesday, I spent about an hour in a meat locker and processing facility.  I think I will be spending a lot more time in there!  I’m also taking a class on how to do research as well as technology use in the classroom.  I’m not sure I could’ve gotten a more diverse class selection if I had tried:-)

I am also T.A.’ing an advanced agricultural communications course where I actually “teach” a section (sort of like a lab).  My first “real” teaching and so far I am enjoying it.

This weekend will be my second time at Sticks and String.  I won’t be able to spend as much time there as I have in the past as I need to get some assignments finished, but I am looking forward to it immensely.  It’s always good to be around other fiber folks!

My desk in my corner of the office now.  I think I've moved in...

My desk in my corner of the office now. I think I’ve moved in…


Yes, you can tell a horticulturalist resides here!