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I Will Drink From the Keg of Glory! June 29, 2013

I finished the first men’s sock last night.  It felt like it took forever and not in a good way!  I switched to grey for the “toe” as I was worried about having enough for the second sock.


This weekend is pretty quiet here.  Everyone I know is pretty much out of town.  I have homework (check), grocery shopping (check), cleaning (sorta check), and prepacking for the move.  You know, getting boxes together, finding packing materials, deciding what goes where, that sort of thing.

A low-key weekend. Maybe I’ll go hit that keg of glory now…



A Fine Day June 27, 2013

Yesterday I went down to Lake LaVerne and I remembered the camera.

First the fish started feeding (can’t really photograph them all that well).  Then the geese came.


These guys were literally eating out of my hands.  In fact, one kinda tried to hop onto my lap!




Then came the swans (they feel that they have to check out anything that the geese are into).



Swans are more elegant at a distance don’t you think?


There was also a turtle in all of this, but I didn’t manage to capture a photo of him.

Also yesterday there was good mail.


A letter from Tini and a little skein of sock yarn! Yay for the sock yarn blanket!

Still knitting on socks myself.  Still the Basket Weave Rib Socks.


I’m to the heel flap now. Have never made a pair of men’s socks before so it feels like it is taking forever.



Detor from Monkey Town June 25, 2013

Yes, you read that right. Knitting socks that are not monkeys.  These are Basket Weave Rib Socks by Sarah Ronchetti. 


So far I am enjoying the pattern and the yarn is beautiful. Darker teal than what I can capture with my camera today.

In other news, I submitted that paper that I have been working on f-o-r-e-v-e-r today.  This is quite an accomplishment given that it was due by the 28th and I tend to submit at the 11th hour, quite literally. It felt good to be done with it for a little while.  If it gets accepted (which I hope that it will) it will mean the writing of a much longer paper, but that’s ok.  I’ve already cut enough out of this paper to fill up about 4 or 5 pages:-)  Submitting doesn’t mean anything really except that I am done editing the abstract at this point.  If it gets accepted, that’s where the real work begins!

I went and fed the fish, geese, and swans again today and again I forgot my camera.  Tomorrow I promise….


Practically a Sock Knitting Factory June 24, 2013

Ok, so that might be overstating it a bit.  But I do feel like a MACHINE of knitting prowess! Here are the latest and greatest Monkeys!


This was some beautifully dyed yarn.  I know it’s hard to see it, but this yarn had reds, rusts, oranges, greens, browns and even a tiny bit of pink in the mix.  It’s Socks that Rock Lightweight, unknown colorway.  It was a lot of fun to knit.

However, I am going to be hoping off the Monkey train for a little bit.  I’m making some socks for a male friend of mine and I’m not sure that the Monkey is the way to go. Both for the yarn and the person. Here’s the yarn:

Joel 1

Yes, it is very rainbow-ishious. And yes, he chose it:-)

Today I caused a (very) minor traffic jam on campus. You see, I took some stale buns down to Lake LaVerne to feed the fish and geese and swans. Anyway, first came the fish, then the geese and finally, the swans.  However, the geese are afraid of the swans so ran into the street.  They are not afraid of cars however, and would simply honk back as drivers tried to get through!  Oops!


My Hookers are FAMOUS!

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Famous Hookers.

That is all.


The monkey parade continues! June 23, 2013

Ha! You thought I was done?  Puh-leeze! I am still monkeying it up out here!  I’ve got a sock and a little over a half done.  It’s been a busy week y’all!

Parade 4

It got pointed out to me in the comments that I had sent out the knit-signal but I hadn’t given y’all an address that you could send sock yarn leftovers to if you wanted to.  So, here it is:

Sarah Humke

PO Box 1453

Ames, IA 50014-1453

I’m not too worried about anyone stalking me to a PO box.  It’s a little post office and if you were hanging around long enough, they would notice!

I also got a rocking sunburn on the back of my neck this week working at home (note the mesh seed corn cap, I am nothing if not an authentic farm girl!)

parade 3

Guess that makes me a well-educated redneck:-)

In all seriousness, this was kind of a rough week. Another member of my family passed away.  This time it was Micheal.  I haven’t talked about him too much on here of late as he has been living with my parents for the past four years or so and had pretty much adopted mom as his own.  I found him as a little mangy puppy abandoned at the greenhouse.  He had feet way too big for a puppy that small.  As soon as he was big enough, he became an unrepentant escape artist.  Micheal just wanted to be out sniffing and exploring.  He was 15, pretty old for a dog his size and mix of breeds.  He was mostly blind and almost completely deaf, but he still wagged for me when I went home on Tuesday.

Parade 1

parade 2


Micheal was my first dog that was my responsibility alone.  Like a first child, I made many mistakes with him,  but he was too good of a dog to let them get to him.  Because of his protectiveness, I was seldom scared living alone in an old house by the woods.  He loved men and would whack them in the balls whenever one came over by way of greeting (I think it was because the guys then usually bent over and got down on his level, he wasn’t malicious about it, he was just saying, “hello”).  But it was the women in his life he was protective of.  First me then my mom.  Micheal was perfectly happy and friendly unless we were scared of someone, then he was between us and them, always.  He was a good, good boy and he will be missed.


More socks! June 16, 2013

Yes, I finished blocking the latest pair of monkeys!  I hung the blocked socks outside to dry in the sunshine today.


And then I started another pair…


I promise, sooner or later I will in fact blog about something other than monkey socks!