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Why I love Ag Schools July 18, 2013

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You never know exactly what you will see on any given day.

Walking out to my car today, I ran across this sight.Ag1







ag 8




I adore old tractors, so this was quite the pleasant surprise.  I think that the tractors were there preparing for a tractor ride in the area.


Make do With What’s on Hand July 12, 2013

So, today I nearly finished my most recent monkeys, but I had left my sewing-up needle at home.  However, I really wanted to get the almost completed monkeys off the needles so I could cast on another pair.  What to do?

So, I thought about what I had around me.  I was at the ISU agricultural mechanics shop out at the 450 farm.  So, I procured a couple of little pieces of leftover  mig  welding wire, transferred the stitches onto them, and voila! Rough and ready stitch holders!

Make 1

The rest of the sock isn’t visible as this pair will be a future gift for someone who might actually read this.  Yes, I am working on the Christmas presents already! 🙂  If you want to see them, pictures are available on my Ravelry page.

However, I have started on another pair, this time for me, thus I can show them to you!

Make 2

And this is one day later!

And this is one day later!


I’m totally adoring that green, grey and teal together. Can’t wait to wear these!!!


Labeling Handknits July 4, 2013

One of the things that I have come up against when giving handknits as a gift is how to express the care and feeding of the item to the recipient without making the birthday or baby card sound like a do’s and don’ts list.  Given that often cards quickly get separated from the gift, this is one way that I use to make sure that the knits that I give receive the care that they require.

Some people sew fabric care tags into their garments, but I find these itchy and often expensive.  My solution is also easily customized for whatever the handmade item is.

I found these shipping tags a while ago at an office supply store. They are durable and large enough to contain all the information I need to put on them.


The last time I was in Staples, I checked and they are about $6 for a package of 100 tags.  So not pricy.

I also have this lovely stamp that says, “Original  Handmade With Care” on it.  I got it a while ago at Michael’s on clearance.  You don’t even need to use one like this. If you see a stamp that you think is nice and it fits, go for it!  I also snagged the black ink pad for $1.  I’ve seen stamps like this before, in fact I think I have one that even says “Handmade by:” on it somewhere in my storage unit.


The rest is pretty intuitive. Stamp the tags, leaving enough space to write something below (there’s always the back too).


Attach the tags to the handmade object and voila! No more boring cards!


(I could see a pretty cool version of this using up-cycled old Christmas cards for the front for Christmas gifts.:-))


Two For the Price of One July 3, 2013

Today you get what would normally be two blog posts only in one, compact edition. Yay! It’s like a 4th of July sale at Menards!

Your first lovely blog post is called: I Shall Swim in the Pool of Victory

I finished the socks for Joel finally. The knitting was done this morning (I just couldn’t go on anymore last night) and I worked-in the ends and Soaked them and put them on the sock blockers to dry tonight.


I had plenty of the multicolored yarn leftover, so the grey toes were unnecessary, but you and I both know that had I not done that, I would have run out of yarn!



So, details. These were knit with Sheepish Creationssock yarn, in an unnamed colorway.  Merino/nylon, 440 yards / 4.0 oz (407 m / 118 g). The grey toe yarn was a little over 10 grams of Pingouin Machine Washable 4 ply Sock Wool that I bought at The Knitting Hut in Woburn Sands (God, I adore Ravelry for this reason. This yarn was from a pair of partially knit socks from way back. However, I’d put all the info into Ravelry [as of course the tags are long gone for the yarn] and all I had to do was look it up!). The pattern is called Basket Weave Rib Socks (free pattern) and they are designed by Sarah Ronchetti.  I would make this pattern again, but only to do it with a solid colored yarn with good stitch definition. I feel like the pattern got a little lost in these…

These will be going off to Joel once they are dry and packaged up. Because, everyone needs wool socks when it’s over 100 degrees outside:-)

My second blog post is titled: Call Me the Grill Master!

Yes, I bought a very little, very cute little grill.


I’ve not done a whole lot of grilling these past few years.  Really, it didn’t make sense when the hubby was a vegetarian!  But now I am alone and most definitely a omnivore so I splurged and got a grill.

First thing I grilled on it?


Why Brats of course!