Sarah Jane Humke

The life of a traveling, reading, writing, spining and knitting shepherdess.



My name is Bo. I’m not really sure what to tell you about myself. I like hanging-out with my buds. We sort of have a little gang that does stuff together. Well, mostly eat stuff, but sometimes we also watch stuff. We call ourselves the Wethermen. Get it? The Wethermen? I like hanging-out with them because I’m not supposed to hang around mom anymore since she’s had my brothers and sisters. Besides, it’s not cool to hang with your mom when you’re two already.

I really like to eat grass, but I will eat stinging nettles in the spring. They taste really green then. I LOVE to eat the sheep feed that Sarah (she’s our shepherdess) sometimes gives us as a treat, but I never get as much as I could because I don’t really like to push the others out of the way.

Anyway, Sarah says that I make a really nice fleece. It’s only the second one I’ve made, but I think I did a pretty good job. I hope that you like it too.


*** Bo’s fleece is a lovely cream color with nice crimp and a wonderful Shetland handle.  $50 plus shipping***


My name is Greyson,

I’m supposed to talk about what I like and dislike but I think that will be boring. I am a sheep, these things are pretty much set for us. I like grass, I dislike summer and flies. The usual.

Something that is unusual about me is that I am originally from Montana. I lived on a dry-land ranch there until I was 4, then I moved to Iowa. Stepping off the trailer, I thought that I had died and gone to heaven. Seriously, I had never seen that much green, green grass in my life. I still dream about it. It was amazing.

Another interesting thing is that I keep breaking off my horn scurs. It’s a nasty mess let me tell you.

I hope you like my fleece. There’s a lot of it.


***Greyson’s fleece is a light grey color.  He isn’t the finest fleece in the flock but he makes up for it in the shear size of his fleece.  $45 plus shipping.***



My name is Beulah. I’m not a fan of crowds, so I typically don’t attend fan events like sheep and wool festivals. Don’t get me wrong dears, I’m terribly flattered that you enjoy our work, but all the adoration and gushing tends to wear me out.

However, you have my fleece before you. My shepherdess, Sarah, is always mumbling the word “lace” when she works with my fleece. I don’t know what that is, but I am sure that it’s a nice thing from the tone of voice that she uses. She also uses that tone of voice for my lambs. I make nice things.

Let’s see, a little more about me. I adore very fresh water, straight from the hose. I love the sheep feed that Sarah brings us. I’m an excellent mother (everyone says so) and I have elegant hooves.

Please don’t send fan mail, unless it includes alfalfa treats.

***Beulah has a lovely white fleece that will, indeed, make amazing laceweight yarn.  $45 plus shipping.***


Hi, I’m Buddy.

I’m big and I’m black and I guess that’s what big and black sheep get named. Buddy.

I’m not real social like some of the ewes and, well, Herbert. He makes all of us wethers look like slackers because he’s such a suck-up to Sarah, our shepherdess. But I think that Sarah likes me too. I’m one of the bell wethers and I take my responsibilities real serious. I once rammed a dog. He looked confused but I felt like it was something I needed to do.

Let’s see, I’m supposed to talk about what I like. Well, I like it when Sarah scratches me between my horns. I can’t scratch there real well and she has those great fingers that are just perfect for scratching… I like grass and really cold weather. When it snows, I like to lie there very still then the snow covers me up and I am white! Sometimes I get frost on the outer part of my wool, but it doesn’t hurt or anything, it just looks cool.

I’m the biggest sheep in the flock so sometimes I have to step in when there are disputes. I’m not really the boss, but I don’t like sheep fighting with one another.

I hope you like my fleece, there’s a lot of it.


***Buddy is black with white strands throughout which would give the spun yarn a kind of heathered appearance.  Not super fine, but still quite nice.  Also a large fleece.  $35 plus shipping***



My mom said that I needed to write one of these so I am. My name is Iris, my mom is Isobelle. She’s kinda a social butterfly but I’m not really into that so I just try to avoid getting roped into some of her social situations. It’s so difficult having a super outgoing mom sometimes, you know?

Anyway, I kinda like some of the guys around here but none of them are really all that interested in anything but food and seeing who can head butt the hardest. Lame. I’m named after a flower, but I really like grass better. Flowers are kinda boring.

Summer is the worst. Like it’s hot and the sun is shining and it just kinda sucks. I wish it was winter already.

So yay, here’s my fleece, I hope you like it. It’s my first one so…

***Iris’ fleece is a first fleece so very fine and quite nice.  Iris is a little girl and her fleece reflects that.  $30 plus shipping***


Hello, my name is Missy and I am a sheep.

I was born on a Tuesday on a fine spring day. I’m the oldest in my family, so my mom didn’t have much experience with lambs. She really liked me and wanted to keep looking at me but all I wanted was milk! So Sarah, the shepherdess stepped-in and kept mom from turning around when I went back to her udders and I finally got to eat! From then on, I was constantly playing tricks on mom, mostly involving me hiding and mom and Sarah finding me. It was lots of fun! However, it didn’t last and mom had brothers and sisters and now I have a lamb of my own! She’s really cute and I really like her, except when she head butts my udder so hard! That really hurts you know?!

I hope that you like my fleece. I was a little distracted making it this year as I was also making a lamb at the same time. Some serious multitasking you know?

IMG_1789 2

*** Missy is what I would call light fawn to dark cream in color.  She has a fine and very nice fleece that would work for many different types of spinning.  $45 plus shipping***


Yo, I’m Damon.

I don’t know where I got the name. Yeah, it’s kinda unusual. But you know, I’ve had it since I was a lamb so I’m kinda used to it at this point. Sure I get people calling me demon sheep for it, but they’re just lame, you know?

I like the sheep feed. It’s good. I will “come sheep” for it no problem. Yeah, I’m one of the Wethermen gang, but mostly because my buddies are too. I really like napping behind the big tractor tires in the pen. That’s my favorite place to nap.

I’m not a fan of lambs. They are noisy and jump on you and can get out of the pen (which is WAY unfair). I’m not a fan of getting my CD/T shots, though our shepherdess says that they are good for you. I’m not a big fan of socializing, though I don’t mind being around it, you know?

So, you know that this fleece is my first ever, right? So don’t judge me too hard for it, it’s hard to keep yourself clean when eating with no hands.