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Sorry, couldn’t resist my favorite Bevis and Butthead moment of all time.  (Yes, I am that kind of a dork!)     Anyway, the reason for the “testing” is that this will be the first posting coming from my new Mac (I am just too cool [neener neener!]).  I am still figuring out how this thing works, so if you see some really random crap (ok, so more random than usual) appearing on this blog, forgive me for I am a Mac Virgin and I am sinning! (Woo Hoo!  Sinning is FUN!).  


Today was a totally, you know, normal Monday.  Mondays are for Margaritas, and that we did after I picked Chris up from work.  I was outside again most of the day, but it was overcast most of the day, so no lobster mama.  However, I did work-up one hell of an appetite and absolutely scarfed down my chicken qesadilla with no peppers and pina colada in record time.  Normally the hubby beats me to a clean plate with many minutes to spare where he is just sitting there watching me masticate (that sounds so very kinky but it is just so very not) and getting twitchy.  Tonight, I was the twitchy one and it was a very odd feeling to watch him EAT.  I know, I’m married for how long????? And only now just watching him eat? 


Stephanie Pearl-McPhee released her latest and greatest tour schedule for the next couple of months.  Of course I am going to be gone when she finally comes to Florida.  I’m not going to wax to poetical about my wanting to see her as she is also going to be at Rhinebeck and SO WILL I DAMNIT!  Woo hoo!  Still, I have yet to get to attend one of her talks and signings and would really like to, even if I have a signed copy of almost every book that she has had published because of Book Expo.  What can I say?  I really like her stuff!  I mean, I have pre-ordered her newest book on Amazon and I never do stuff like that.


I promise that I will have pictures of the newest spun yarn tomorrow as it is now almost dry.  I gave the Meara mutt a bath today (she had a serious case of skunk butt that came from who knows where!) and she made the entire bathroom fairly damp.  How such a small dog can fling water so high up is pretty amazing, but she managed to pretty thoroughly re-dampen the yarn again.  So (sigh) it will be pictured tomorrow.  Plus, it was raining here most of the day and the neighbors already thing that I am crazy enough without me going out in the rain to take pictures of the yarn that I spun for my weird blog thing.  At least Meara now smells like Dove conditioner (she is very shiny) rather than skunk butt (which is more than I can say for the bathroom:-)) 


I can kill you with my brain....

I can kill you with my brain....

(I couldn’t resist [YES!! I am THAT kind of geek!!!])

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