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I keep not wanting to go to crochet group and then go knowing that I would regret not going if I didn’t.  Seriously, they are my prozac.  I feel depression trying to edge in on me and I know that I need “my people” now more than usual, but it also makes me just want to curl-up in bed with the pets.  I have very little structure in my life of late and I know that I need that.  My Thursday night group has been the most structured thing around for a while now.  Who needs therapy when you have hookers? They say that laughing is a natural way to avoid going on happy drugs and I totally agree.  If more people had a once a week laugh fest there would be some drug executives saying things like, “we don’t need to develop another depression medication, let’s cure cancer/lupus/MS!  I think that, in many ways, depression is a disease that has flourished in this country because we have all become so disconnected from other people.  The years that were the worst for me were the ones that I would go to work, go to the grocery store and then go home.  I could go for days without having an interaction with another person other than those at work. Humans are social animals which is also the reason that I think that the internet is so popular, it is a close substitute for actually being around other people.

This was all a very long winded way of saying that I had a lot of fun as usual.

I dropped the hubby off at the airport right before group.  That is never fun and was worse than usual for some reason today.  He is on his way to Italy for a truffle festival with some friends of his, one of which is a native Italian.  It is so hard to be him right now….

This morning, while he was working from home, I cuddled-up to him and promptly fell asleep.  He took pictures…


In this picture, leg of hubby (in plaid), Jiji and Sarah (Both asleep)

In this picture, leg of hubby (in plaid), Jiji and Sarah (Both asleep)


Oh my God we are so CUTE!

Oh my God we are so CUTE!

They were taken with a camera phone, but turned out pretty well nevertheless.  We were like that for about an hour or so.  His leg was COMPLETELY asleep by the time that we awoke.  Still, he wasn’t complaining….

He also sent me a picture of, what looks like some crazy yarn sculpture.  He was in new airport “lounges” so who knows where he saw this.  I will update if I find out anything more about it (he is somewhere over the Atlantic as I write this so I can’t just ring him up and ask).


Self-striping yarn dude.

Self-striping yarn dude.

And, last but not least, I bought a four gallon Ball jar tonight.  Seriously.  Four gallons!  It’s fucking huge! It is about 20 inches tall.  I have no idea what I will put in it but it is seriously cool.  Maybe I will put yarn?  Anyway, had to share….

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