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Today was busy and expensive.  I booked the shipping container that will be taking all of our worldly belongings to the UK.  That was a $750 deposit.  I paid the tag for the car…$55.  I paid the fees for my gym membership $40 (they waived the late fees since I told them about the card cancellation while in London).  I sent a check off to get a CITES permit for the birds to go to the UK $50.  We booked the tickets for Christmas in Iowa, about $400.  It was an expensive day.  Luckily, the stuff to do with the move we won’t have to pay for in the long run.

I know that this sounds funny, but it seems really real that the move is going to actually happen now.  I’ve never really done anything like this before so it seems very unreal.  

In fiber news, I finished the main crocheting on the baby burrito.  It is sort of a blanket with a pouch/pocket at one end for MH’s feet.  He is rather large to go into the traditional clothing for a baby his age but a little too young to go into the clothing that is for his size.  Anyway, I am making this and (trying) to match it to the carseat/stroller thingy that Sarah and Dan have.  I think that I am going to try and sew a lining into it before crocheting up the sides of the pocket/pouch.  I will need to go to Jo-Ann’s for some fabric for it and then to the liquor store for something to help me get over the apprehension that I have for sewing machines.  I have broken 2 of them so far in my life.  One was my mother’s (I’m reasonably sure that she was not too broken up about it) and the other was one of the schools home ec classroom machines.  I suppose that I can run a damn computer now, I should be able to run a sewing machine.  We’ll see.  Don’t have the fabric yet.  Watch, I was able to find the yarns too easily thus the gods will punish me by making a decent fabric unavailable.  Doh.


I will take a picture of it tomorrow.  It’s been a busy day…..

One thought on “Baby burritos anybody?

  1. Lily says:

    oh, i’m so sad… it does seem really real that you’re moving!! :-/ we’ll have to figure out the skype thing 😉

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