Sarah Jane Humke

The life of a traveling, reading, writing, spining and knitting shepherdess.

I have exactly 5 full days before a gang of 4 men descends upon my house and removes everything in it as well as (hopefully) a lot of things around it and puts them into a 40′ container that will get loaded onto a big ship that will bob it’s way across the Atlantic ocean and into London.  Ok, so bobbing isn’t probably the best description of what the ship will do but I thought that it was probably better than zooming since it is going to take 5-6 weeks for my stuff to get there.  I’m freaking the hell out going so far as to measure the front of my house at 9 o’clock at night with my little sheep tape measure that maxes out at 5′ last night when the hubby asked, “just how freaked out would you be if everything didn’t fit in the container?”.  I needed some perspective on how big 40′ is.  Just so you know, the house is only 25′.  I think we are going to be ok but it was seriously not cool of the hubby to say that as I am sure that he already knows the fucking answer!!!  I am also trying to get the last of the paperwork done for the birds as they are flying with the hubby on the 9th.  I could melt pennies in the acid pit that is now my stomach (and esophagus I am sure) and I am prone to fly into a rage.  The one house that fit our needs got rented before we could get to it and a replacement has been elusive.  I am still working part-time as well as taking a class that I need to graduate. 

In other words, please forgive the blog silence.  I’m a little busy right now…….

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