Sarah Jane Humke

The life of a traveling, reading, writing, spining and knitting shepherdess.

So, I guess now the reality of the whole move has set in.  I’m sitting in, I guess it’s actually a “camp chair” but it’s what we got when we asked at Wal-Mart for, “cheap, lawn chairs” so I’m not quibbling over it’s title.  Chris’ chair is, in fact a white plastic lawn chair that has been sitting in our yard since we got married…. three and a half years ago.  We found an old pillow that didn’t go into the container that came with, get this, a freecycled dog bed.  We are really styling right now at this castle!  

The vet and a tech came today for the birds health inspection.  We had no place for them to sit so we all ended-up sitting on the floor.  It sort of made the $400 that we are paying for the honor feel a little better.  I mean, they couldn’t even sit on the turd!  But everything went well and the birds are on their way, well, at least to Gainesville!

Otherwise, not a lot going on.  House cleaning, back to work working, the usual.  Except, that we go to sleep each night on a bouncy airmattress.  It’s gonna be a long month…

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