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So, in case you haven’t guess where exactly I am already, this might give you a BIG hint.


Yep, I’m in lovely London again.  This time, it is a last minute run in order to find a house.  The hubby got sent to Sweden rather unexpectedly thus taking up his “week to find a house” and so we booked this trip on Friday afternoon and I left on Saturday.  This photo was taken from the window at the Green and Red, my home away from home..

The flight over was one of the nicest and smoothest ones I’ve ever had.  Here were my seat mates in my row on the plane.


The plane was so seriously thin so I got my OWN ROW to spread out into.  To say that this was nice would be an understatement.  However, if I have the opportunity again, I will try to get the middle group of seats as there are more seats there and you can REALLY spread out.

Getting into Gatwick was it’s usual brand of mountaineering and long-distance power-walking.  I did, however, get to get this shot of my lovely airplane, “Hot Lips”.


On Sunday Chris and I went and got some essentials in my housing quest:


We went through at least 3 markets where we also picked-up some lunch.  There’s nothing quite like still being pretty jet-lagged and going to a busy London market!  We also hit the Tesco Metro near the hubby’s flat for some provisions and then I took a little nap.  One of the things that I have found is that the silly little sleep masks that they give you on the international flights actually help you sleep.  Crazy huh?


I found some proof that I think that even though I didn’t know I was making this trip, the Brits somehow did.


You got it!  They were giving away ugly ombre yarns with a knitting magazine!!!  Magazines in the US really should take a serious idea or two from their British counterparts, especially in the “giving things away” department!!!!  I mean, really, perhaps the US magazines wouldn’t all be going under so often if they would only give fun things away with the magazines!!!  It obviously must work or why else would nearly every magazine over here do it?  It’s great product placement for a yarn or knitting/crocheting equipment company and they could even make a pattern for any small balls of yarn and put it in the magazine like they did with this one.  I think that the Americans are missing a pretty serious chance for marketing here…..

Anyway, that evening we went to get dinner with Hubby’s friends at the Green and Red down the street.  It was, as usual, a very tasty meal and they even made me a pina colada which is not a drink that they usually make.  In fact, they don’t even usually have the ingredients for it!  This was a testament to the drink making skills of the bartender in the fact that I scarcely noticed any substitutions.  

Tech support left yesterday morning at about 4 am.  I slept in a little late (it was hard for me to feel guilty, no alarm clock with big red glowing numbers beeping at me to get up and my body saying that it was still the middle of the night and that handy-dandy sleep mask and the fact that I have been sleeping on either an air mattress or a plane seat for the past 2 weeks….) but I ended-up getting up around 10 and going out into the world that is Bethnal Green.  I went down to a coffee and smoothie place that advertised free internet and ordered a smoothie.  The internet there was so slow that I felt it would be faster if I walked the message to it’s intended recipient!  About the time that I finally got really fed-up with the place I was at it was time for the Green and Red to open again.  So I wandered down another couple of blocks and totally vegged on one of their couches and did some serious on-line house hunting forays.  At around 2, I walked back to the flat to start calling the estate agents that had the houses that I was interested in.  I’ve set-up 3 appointments so-far and have several others in the works.  Keep an eye on the photos on the main web page if you want to see some of the exciting places I’m looking at:-)

Since I hadn’t any appointments today, I went down to the Apple store here in London to get a converter thingy for the power thingy for my computer (we’ve got some seriously technical language goin’ on here don’t we!?!) and I may even check out a yarn store or two.  Maybe.  You know.  If I happen to be near one….

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