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The life of a traveling, reading, writing, spining and knitting shepherdess.

Yes, I finally got the hubby to release the photos from the cameraphone onto the laptop!  It is a win-win day for all of us.  Please remember that I didn’t have a “real” camera with me so there aren’t as many photos as I would have normally taken.  Also, it was pouring down rain a lot of the time that I was there.


This was the spinner’s auction that happened on the first day of the festival.  I didn’t get anything as the only thing that I was really looking for was a drumcarder and the ones for sale went for nearly as much as a new ones go for.  I didn’t get anything.


This is typical of the main building.  Most of the time it was so wall-to-wall people in this place that there was no moving with out feeling like you were mowing people over.  Part of the reason that it was so very crowded was that it was raining pretty hard at this point.


This is a picture of a felting booth.  Not only is there lots of yarn and wool to buy but there are also lots of finished objects on sale as well.  


This is sort of a picture for Terri.  These are felted rocks in amongst the wooden sheep and wool gloves.


More interesting felted objects.


This is of the main walkway outside.  I know I keep showing you pictures of it not raining, but I promise, it rained a lot that weekend!


These were some very patient alpaca that had recently lost their blankets (it’s what they call their fleeces when they have been removed).  Any time it wasn’t raining these guys were swarmed with people.


This is a yurt? I guess by a person selling felted rugs.


There were, of course, lots and lots of sheep around.  Alas, not many of them wanted to hold still so that I could get a good photograph of them but these pictures will give you an idea of what I saw.




Chilled sheep

Chilled sheep


It was after I took these photos that I went back out to the car and dropped my phone.  I didn’t realize that it was lost until the next time that I went out to the car and realized that it wasn’t there like I had thought that it was.  I then went to the lost and found and luckily someone had turned it in.  Even though it had gotten throughly wet, it seemed no worse for the ware.  But, because of that there are no more photos of Maryland.  Sorry about that.  I will make sure that I pack the battery charger for the camera the next time that I take a big trip like that….

This poor guy kept getting his head stuck in the bars.

This poor guy kept getting his head stuck in the bars.

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