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So on Monday I got yet another package from my lovely friend Tini this time containing all of her leftover bits of sock yarn.  I am planning on knitting this blanket when, well, I don’t know what will have to happen to make it start…  But I am planning on it as it is totally up my alley.  You know, lots of colors virtually impossible numbers of stitches and monster amounts of time.  Y’all know how I roll!  Anyway, here are just some of the bits and bobs that Tini sent me:





So, I have been trying desperately to get off my butt and get the chapel cleaned-up for this weekend.  We are having our first ever 4th of July party.  We decided to have one after finding out that the flagpole across the road from us that usually sports either the flag of England or the British flag will probably be sporting the Stars and Stripes on that day.  You just gotta host a party then!

This morning we awoke to a rather unusual sight.  A small bird had managed to get itself stuck between the 2 parts of our bathroom window.  I’m not even sure how the little thing got in there but you can imagine that the cats were dutifully interested in this odd sight.


As uncomfortable as this time “under glass” had to have been for this little one it did fly away when I finally managed to fish it out from between the two window parts.


To say the least, it was an interesting way to start the day….

One thought on “Goodies in the Mail and Other Goings On

  1. tini says:

    funny you picked the three handdyed out of the parcel 🙂

    Cookie (one of our cats) would have gone C R A Z Y over that bird and we wouldn’t have been able to sleep as he can get really really noisy.

    Have fun on the party, will you make a BBQ?

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