Sarah Jane Humke

The life of a traveling, reading, writing, spining and knitting shepherdess.

Today I am having one of those days where everything is going great.  You know, one of those days that you think that you really should be working towards world peace as you could probably get it worked out by noon.  One of those days that you think that you really should go shopping as you would find the perfect fitting pair of pants on sale!  

Today, so far, I have figured out a route for my flights within the US that is both convenient and half of the price that they were going to charge me originally.  I guess that “nearby airports” means something different to Midwesterners than it does to normal folk.  I was putting DSM into the search feature and when I exchanged that for MSP…. voila!  Cheaper flights!  This booking had been bothering me for several weeks as it hadn’t yet been booked and not getting any further away.

Another thing that I “mastered” that has been tickling my brain for a bit is combination knitting.  When I was at the UK Ravelry day, I found that I had been twisting my stitches as I was doing a bastardized version of both combination knitting and continental.  I started working on continental but it still didn’t “feel” right.  I mean, it felt more difficult than what I had been doing before.  My lace knitting teacher that day sent me a link to Annie Modesitt’s website where pretty detailed instructions for combination knitting are given.  So, today I went there and voila! I get it today!  I need to refine it a little bit but I think that I just needed to understand a little better what the hell I was doing on the needle to get the differences between the two types of knitting.  

So, now I am off to IKEA to try to work some shelving magic so that I can use the space in the conservatory a little bit better.  I need to do this before I leave otherwise the Hubby will have a serious time trying to keep all the plants straight and watered and, well, alive.


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