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The life of a traveling, reading, writing, spining and knitting shepherdess.

So, it is now really real.  My travel plans are pretty much in carved in soap stone at this point.  This means that they are booked but could change due to the varagancies of the Travel Gods.  Or weather.  I mean, it is autumn in the Midwest not exactly an area known for it’s weather consistancy.  Still, I don’t think that I should have too many problems the time of year that I will be there.  So, here is the plan as it stands today:

August 21st London to Chicago via Dusseldorf

August 26th Chicago to Iowa

August 28th to October 4th  Iowa to Alaska back to Iowa

October 5th Iowa to Orlando

October 10th-ish Orlando to Key West with the hookers

October 15th Orlando to White Plains, NY

October 16-18 RHINEBECK!!!

October 18th White Plains, NY to London via Dusseldorf


I should start calling this the “Traveling Insanity Tour ’09”.

 Anybody who wants to meet-up with me on the way just give me a holler in the blog comments!

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