Sarah Jane Humke

The life of a traveling, reading, writing, spining and knitting shepherdess.

I finished knitting the Feza scarf and immediately decided to block it a bit so that it didn’t look quite so much like a red, green and orange rope around my neck.

Here it is in it’s Soak bath.


Here it is about halfway blocked.


Here it is all pinned up.  I didn’t go totally nuts blocking this as soon enough it is going to be wrapped around my neck and, let’s face it, will probably get stuff spilled on it or snotted.



And here it is all done with the coat that it is going to be worn with!


I also finished the Flower Power blanket last week and promised pictures so here it is!!!!


Also, I turned the heel (not very gracefully, but it’s done and done!) of my first sock yesterday so I have to include a picture of it as well.  Alas, this sock is not going to fit on either of my feet (and yes, I did try it on both in the vain hope that one of my feet had significantly swelled-up and I had just failed to notice it) so I am going to have to either A.) use them as very boring stockings for the cats or B.) find someone with little feet to give them to.    Oh well, I’m just glad that they look reasonably foot shaped!  Just so that y’all know, it’s hard to take a picture of a sock!!


Today I worked in the conservatory, trying to get it straightened up and looking good.  This also means a rather lot of potting up and dirty work.  However, it is going to look great in the end!  No pictures yet as it doesn’t look great as of now:-)

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