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So, the past few days have been spent running around, eating at Jimmy John’s and Chipolte and friend’s houses.  I’ve mastered two strollers. Well, ok, I mastered one of them and the other I’m pretty sure that I understand the concept behind.  Anyway, Sarah and I have been bopping around shopping and running errands and getting stuff done that is easier with two adults and a toddler than one.  


While we have been driving around the city I have been knitting a dishcloth for SJ.  She is a HUGE fan of the knitted dishcloth and since it was something that I could make fairly quickly… voila! Dishcloth!


Mostly it has just been hanging out and catching up with folks and entertaining a 14 month old.  

Oh, and I got to take a photo of the first major project that I ever completed.


Not really much to say.  It’s been a great few days but not very exciting for blogging.

One thought on “Hitting the Target

  1. Diane says:

    Call me when you are in town!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Diane aka surrogate keeper of the violets

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