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6:15 am  Wake-up call.  Don’t want to get out of one of the most comfortable hotel beds that I have ever encountered.

7:15 am Have eaten and exited the city.  Was unable to procure Mountain Dew.  Survival of this trip is looking doubtful…

7:30 am  The speed limit in Canada is going drive me nuts.  It is so slow after the 75 mph speed limit in most of the Northern US.  We are going 110 km/h (about 68 mph).  Still pretty boring landscape but at least there are hills now.

8:00 am Doh!  Where in the hell did the hills go? 

8:15 am There she blows!  Oil wells.  At least it isn’t more wheat and oats fields.

8:30 am  Doh!  Where did the damn oil wells go now?

 8:50  am Soundtrack for the rest of Manitoba:  Yoav “Beautiful Lie” (kind of a hollow sounding song, good for this hollow landscape),  Norah Jones “Above Ground” (the whole feeling of this song is of anticipation),  Tori Amos “God”, “Big Wheel”, and most of the album “Scarlet’s Walk”.

9:00 am Entering Saskatchewan province.

11:00 am  Soundtrack for most of Saskatchewan: Anything that comes up on my Ipod that is inoffensive enough to play with my parents listening.

9:30 am-2:30pm Driving. Driving. Driving.

2:00 pm  Still in Saskatchewan.  Feel as though will never leave at this province.  Endless prairies make the job of driving very, very boring.

2:30 pm-on  Soundtrack: Whatever I couldn’t listen to with my parents listening.

3:45 pm Found Mountain Dew!!!!  There is a God!!!

4:00 pm  Finally in the province of  Alberta.  Staying in a city known for it’s really big Easter Egg.  I suppose that if you have to be known for something, at least it’s not crack use or anything bad!


*No pictures today as it was just as boring as yesterday as far as landscape goes.  Hopefully, it will get at least a little more exciting tomorrow.  Either that, or I can take a picture of the egg!

Travel Knitting:  Most of the 2nd dishcloth.  I did a lot of the driving today…



What is it about being with our parents for extended periods of time that turns us back into surly teenagers?

2 thoughts on “Travel Insanity Tour Day 2

  1. Tech Suppport says:

    Does this mean that boarding school teens are only surly teenagers when home?

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