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So we are on our way back to Iowa in a big way.  This is probably our last night on the road as we are in Rapid City, SD.  We decided not to go to Yellowstone or Glacier National Parks as we have visited both of them in the past and, well, to tell you the truth, we are a little jaded now when it comes to nature and wildlife.  After spending the last couple of weeks avoiding hitting either we are sort of ready to not have to worry so much about it for a while.

So, we spent a lovely day in Seattle.  Mom and Dad took a tour of the city and I took the hop-on, hop-off bus tour thing.  It was sunny and borderline hot out the entire time that we were there.  I went to the top of the needle and could see for miles and miles.  I did all of the usual touristy stuff and mostly just enjoyed a really fabulous day walking around the city.









Honestly, being in such a crowded city after having spent so long out in the wild was more than a little disconcerting.  I am not a city person by nature but it was at the same time nice to be around people again.

The next day we took off to the East.  It was amazing seeing the effect of the rainshadow once we got over the mountains.  You could actually see where the last of the rain fell and then it just turned dry.  Very cool.

The cloud is where the rain stops coming over the mountains.

The cloud is where the rain stops coming over the mountains.

So we have been driving through “Big Sky Country” for the past 2 days.  It has a sort of desperate beauty to it but it is definitely not a place that I would chose to live.  I’m looking forward to being in a place that I don’t have to pack each night.  Oh, and have dependable internet!


Wild horses monument.

Wild horses monument.

Actually got some lace knitting done today.  I-90 is one of the overall smoothest roads that we have traveled-on on this trip!

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