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Y’all Know That Captain Kirk is Going to Be From Iowa Right? What More Do You Need! September 27, 2009

Driving up to Mason City today with my mom we passed a large group of wind turbines.  I, of course, had to stop and take pictures.  Be very glad that I don’t live closer to them, as this would probably become the “Look at these cool pictures I took of the wind turbines” blog pretty quickly.  I couldn’t go up close to any of them as there were technicians working on nearly every one of them that we passed.  I will, however, get the shot of one that I want yet; I just need to be patient….
This is probably one of my favorite shots as the juxtaposition of the old-fashioned red barn and farmstead against the towering modern wind turbine is just great.
Somehow, when I wasn’t paying attention, Iowa came along and joined the 21st century in a big way.  Between the push for sustainable energy with these windmills and the fact that Iowa, Iowa, allows gay marriage while that paragon of all things alternative California doesn’t, I have to say that Iowa has definitely made a lot of really major strides forward.  Not baby steps, no sir; these are gigantic leap-frog monster steps!
Way to go Iowa!*
*(This is not, in any way, endorsing the University of Iowa team in any manner.  In that area, if I am forced to choose an Iowa team to endorse, I will of course always chose Iowa State.  However, if I am allowed to choose a team to root for on the national level, of course I will have to say, “Go Gators!!!” [It was nice to finally go to a school that actually won stuff including a few national championships and party school of the year 2008])


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