Sarah Jane Humke

The life of a traveling, reading, writing, spining and knitting shepherdess.

Have you ever really looked at a map?  I mean really looked at one?  It’s fascinating the things that you tend to notice when you really sit down and take a good long look at a map.  When I got back to The Old Chapel I noticed that the sun was in the sky a significantly shorter period of time than it had been even in the middle of New York.  Being sometimes less than quick on the uptake it took me about a week to figure out that this must mean that England is further North than even my dear progressive Iowa.  Now, in my defense, I was seriously asleep for nearly a week, I wasn’t joking about that.  Still, I hauled out the atlas and checked it out to satisfy my curiosity.  The area of England that I live in is about 10 degrees further North than most of the contiguous United States.  So, not only am I living on an island off of another continent for the first time in my life but I am also living significantly further North than I ever have in the past.

You know what Jimmy says, “Change your latitude, change your attitude.”

I am so there.

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