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One of the managers where I am currently working will quite often greet us worker bees with this odd-for-an-Englishman greeting.  Every time he says it it makes me laugh as it sounds so….. odd, coming from his mouth.  Just think about it for a little bit….

Not a lot has been going on in my life of recent to tell you the truth.  I can’t say that I’m really knitting anything right now other than a sock I have been half-heartedly working on for several weeks (and haven’t gotten past the ribbing). Most of the reason is heartbreak.  One day, after having had Malcolm for only a very little while, I ran over to the neighbor’s house for something.  I wasn’t gone for very long but when I came back, the little project bag that I had been keeping the lace stole in was on the floor, yarn like cobwebbing everywhere and both needles on the circulars were broken.  Mal, who lived up to his name in Latin, had removed the project bag from another bag, opened the closed drawstring top, and proceeded to try to eat my lace stole.  Long story short, I think that it is salvageable, but I’m just yet up to opening that bag and working on it yet (and I need to get a new pair of needles!).

This is the last picture taken with the stole before the unfortunate event. It was taken a couple of months ago when the hubby and I went into London to meet-up with some friends. At least the stole has been very well traveled!

I finished a scrapghan right before Christmas for the neighbors and I have another crocheted blanket in the works, but nothing that I can write about as it is for a gift.

However, I may not be knitting right now (and my poor spinning wheel is gathering some serious dust too!) but I certainly will be this summer!  I am now officially registered for classes at both Knit Nation and UK Knit Camp!!!  Here’s a rundown of what all I’m going to be learning about:

Knit Nation

SPINNING FOR LACE with Janel Laidman, ESTONIAN LACE SAMPLER with Nancy Bush (!!!) and

THE WONDERS OF WOOL: UK with Clara Parkes (double !!!).  I got into all of the classes that I wanted and I’m really looking forward to taking my Ashford Traveler on the train and tube that first morning and watching the looks on peoples faces!
Yesterday I did the sign-ups for Knit Camp and, once again, I got into everything that I wanted.
Knit Camp
The Baby Surprise Jacket with Jared Flood, Rare Breed Wools for Spinners with Deb Robson, Intro to the magic loop with Angela Davis, The Aestlight Shawl and Traditional Shetland shawl construction with Gudrun Johnston and I am also signed up for the tour of the New Lanark Mill on Wednesday afternoon.  I decided on the self-catering option for the accommodations as I am usually a pretty light eater for breakfast and lunch and since it is a University town, I figure that there are probably a fair number of cheap eats in the area.  If there isn’t, please don’t correct me, ok?:-)  Part of the reason that I am so looking forward to all of these events is that I have friends coming to my little(ish) part of the world for both of them.  Tini is coming all the way from Germany for Knit Nation and will be staying with us while she is here (since we are well within commuting distance!) and Malin is traveling from Finland for Knit Camp!   If nothing else, I am looking forward to seeing both of them again!!!
In other news… The department store that I have been working for has asked to extend my contract to work for them until the end of January.  I have decided to take it as it will not interfere with my planned trip to CHICAGO on my birthday.  Yes, the hubby gave me a trip to Chicago for Christmas so that I could go for my traditional time with my friends there (he’s so awesome!).  I’m really looking forward to the trip if for not other reason than to buy a few packages of Stovetop Stuffing which I love dearly but isn’t available here except at the costly American Food Store.  So yes, the travel for this woman (and her knitting projects) is not yet over!

6 thoughts on “Wassup!?!

  1. Oh, welcome to Rare Breed Wools for Spinners at UK Knit Camp! So glad you’ll be there. I’m looking forward to what we’ll be working with–since the fibers are being supplied, it will be a surprise for me, too, and will be much fun. I love this stuff. I hear there’s someone joining us from Norway as well. Can’t wait!

    Bummer about your shawl. Mal is very cute, but he also looks like a bundle of energy.

    1. hortihoney says:

      You will also be having a friend of mine from Finland as well! Should be a very International group I think! I just hope that it isn’t too hot as spinning when it’s really warm can be a bit of a drag… If you need any Jacob wool, just let me know as I have a couple of partial fleeces in the attic that I would be more than willing to share:-)

  2. tini says:

    booohooo… sorry to hear that about your lace-shawl but hang in there with the sock! Handknitted socks are great (my friend Saskia hates plain-vanilla socks though and just knits them with patterns 😉 otherwise she would poke her eyes out. Which shoe-size are you knitting them in?)

    1. hortihoney says:

      I’m knitting them in the “I hope to hell that these will actually fit someone over the age of 2” size (unlike the last pair that Malcolm couldn’t have gotten on his foot let alone my big ol’ boats for feet!). 🙂

      1. tini says:

        Last time it would have fit something quite large 🙂 So maybe 3 times is a charm. But with my size 40 feet frogging is also a pita 😉

      2. hortihoney says:

        I feel your pain. I have size 40.5 feet!

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