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1.)These were the top search terms to find my blog this past week:

brenda dayne,  alpakka yarn tampon,  sarah mengel knitting,  london trafalgar square empty plinth,  woman knitting

I especially like the alpakka yarn tampon one.  Does make one think though.  I mean, if they now have cashmere toilet paper at Waitrose….

2.) I’m really diggin this new add for tampons (it must be a tampon kind of day!)  I like that it just totally spoofs on all those “fresh feeling” ads that we all know and love.

3.) Speaking of videos, I realize that I never posted a link to this lovely one by Pringle of Scotland.  Check it out, then watch it again.  I swear it gets funnier the more you watch it!

4.) This has been the longest that we have gone without precipitation here since last summer.  It is finally raining (it’s been at least a week) and I feel something akin to relief.  How sad is that?  At least part of it has to do with the plants needing water outside and me being lazy….

5.)  I have a new job that requires steel toe shoes.  Oh yeah, Sarah’s gonna rock the industrial look!

6.)  I am so done with spring cleaning.  However, that doesn’t mean that Spring cleaning is done with me! But at least my studio/office/playroom looks great!

My room as seen from the door.

7.) Cats and dogs sleeping in rare English Spring sunshine.

Weezy and Milo enjoying some afternoon sun.

8.) Tonight is fish and chips night at the pub.  Sort of helps to make up for the fact that I am missing hooking with the hookers…..

One thought on “Random Thursday

  1. tini says:

    yay, a new job!!!!
    (o.k. me working in a job that would require steel toes…. uhm not so likely to happen and something I might not look forward too)

    I so envy you, that you have a drum carder 🙂 your hobby room looks great!

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