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So, two things happened today to make it a good day.  First thing was that I finally started my new job.  Thankfully it didn’t rain too much as I am outside all the time, except for lunch.  It was great and everyone was super friendly and understanding about the whole flat tires thing yesterday.  I think that I am going to enjoy this job (especially when it’s sunny out!)

Thing #2 was that I received a much anticipated box from my friend Malin who lives in Finland.

She tried to keep the box Finnish themed and I think that she did an awesome job of it as it looks as though nearly everything in it is from Finland.  Part of the fun of this box were the sometimes cryptic post-it’s that Malin put on everything.  The reason that I say sometimes cryptic is that some of them changed items in transit or were just stuck on the inside of the box.  However, I think that I managed to match them all up ok.

Here’s the goodies!

There were 3 odd-shaped little envelopes in the box.

Inside these little envelopes that looked as though they were made from reused paper was a trifecta of cool.

First, there was needle gauge that I have swooned over ever since I first saw one somewhere.  It’s made by Succaplokki accessories out of recycled plastic.  The post it note on it said, “Since you are living in Europe you should get used to the metric system.”  (Just an FYI, I’ve always prefered the metric system for needles and hooks.  It just makes more sense!)

The long skinny envelope contained a ruler that I think is meant to be a gauge measure.  It’s got this great little tag on it that is exactly one inch square.  Once again, recycled plastic.

The third envelope contained some seriously kick-ass stitch markers made from…..legos.  Yep, now I can play with legos even when I am knitting!  And they had these cute little characters engraved/melted into them to boot!

All of these envelopes had stamping in them.  Anytime a business uses stamping in both a practical and fun way, it earns bonus points from me!

In the box was also a super cheerful measuring tape which the note attached said, “To measure happily!!”  Indeed.

Then there was a whole PILE of Finnish candies and chocolates.  I am getting so spoiled in my chocolate consumption!

Then there was cooly designed notepad with a note saying, “To remember stuff.”

A fun knit-lit book…

A pair of super cute toothbrush holders for the hubby and I.  I had commented on Malin’s when we were at Rhinebeck.  Serious points for remembering!!

A tiny ruler on a key chain “For measuring on the go”.

An AWESOME photo album with a woven cloth cover.  I think that I am going to use it for pictures from Knit Camp:-)

There was also, of course, yarn.  First there is some 100% merino yarn that Malin spun herself from an indie wool dyer in Finland called Handu.

I love the tag that came with it.  I think that the dyer made it so that when you finished making the yarn, you could reuse the tag to tell about it.

By the way, that yarn is SUPER squishy!

Then there is another yarn that Malin described as, “A very typical Finnish yarn in a very typical color.  Aren’t we fun? 🙂 7 Brothers is the name…”  I think that I may have Finnish blood in me as this yarn is so typical for me!

The last yarn is actually 2.  It’s a mix sock duo called Waste None and it is also from a Finnish indie dyer called Lai-la-lai Yarnz.  This dyer exhausts the dye baths with some odds and ends of sock yarn and then pairs them together.  The colors are so me once again with red and grey.  I find the idea of putting two different colors together like this fantastic!  I think that I may have to try Franklin Habit’s Looking glass socks with this yarn.

And last but not least was the card that Malin wrote a little note to me on.  It featured some Finnish Grey Landrace sheep on it.  Cute cute!

To say that today sort of balances out yesterday would be an understatement.  Thank you Malin!  The box had great timing!!!  And I now have the pimpiest knitting kit of anybody that I know:-)

Oh, one last cute photo of the pups busy helping me write this post.

I love the leg sticking out the back!

One thought on “Good Day

  1. Olebrumm says:

    I’m really happy you liked the package. I thought about the notes when I put them in, but then I decided that if they move around, the more fun for you. 🙂 Just don’t be too excited about the salmiakki-chocolate before you’ve tasted it. It’s a love or hate relationship.

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