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So, this full-time job thing has just been totally messing with my time lately!  Somehow I managed to miss an entire month of blogging!  So, where to start?

It’s been a good year for lamb watching, as the two fields directly across from us had ewes in them.  Watching the lambs race across the field in little groups was really amusing to watch.

The weather has been nice quite a lot of the time (which is nice since I work mostly outdoors now) and thus we have been going for lots of big walks with the dogs.  Or to be more specific, the Malcolm.

The path that we walk on has several fields of rape seed (canola for my US friends) planted along it this year.  It is just as stunning up close as is it from far away.

A few weeks ago I spent a Wednesday with a friend of mine.  We went to look at the bluebell woods in Ashridge Estate up the hill from us and then on to Waddeson Manor.  It was a long, but fun day!

Waddeson Manor

They were planting the famous beds while we were there. It's been a very cold spring and I'm pretty sure that nobody would want to volunteer to cover those puppies up!

That next weekend the hubby and I drove over to Stratford-upon-Avon and did the whole Shakespeare thing.  Anne Hathaway’s cottage, his birthplace, where he died, etc.  It had changed a lot since I had been there over 10 years ago, but I still like Anne Hathaway’s cottage the best.

Anne Hathaway's Cottage

The Bard's Birthplace

Shakespeare's "Big Dig"

Ghost sign spotted in Stratford-upon-Avon

Shakespeare's Resting Place

On the way back from S-u-A we saw some signs for The National Herb Centre.  It was only a little ways off the route so we decided to stop in.  It was a really cool little garden centre more or less devoted completely to herbs.  I wouldn’t make a long pilgrimage to go to it but if you are in the area, I would totally suggest it.

Otherwise, life has been pretty boring.  Since I’ve been working full-time, it’s really kept me out of trouble quite a lot.  The courtyard and spring planting has been keeping me outside and away from knitting and reading a lot.  However, I am nearly done with it all or, as the hubby pointed out, if I’m not, there won’t be any room out there for us!

Remember, still a work in progress...

Still a bit of a mess, but I am looking forward to some serious color this summer!

However, I did finish something with knitting!  My first ever sock!!!  I didn’t have any trouble with the kitchner stitch at all (maybe I didn’t do it right then?)…

My first sock! And it FITS!!!!!

Oh, and we have new neighbors.  Aren’t you jealous?

Hopefully I won’t be so long next time as these catch-up posts take forever to put together!!!

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