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Avoidance April 7, 2011

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I am trying to avoid housework.  This has taken me to such a level that I decided to catalog all the different breeds of sheep fleece that I have currently, both processed and raw.  It wasn’t as big of a list as I had thought it would be…


Blue Faced Leicester (colored)-Raw Fleece

Cheviot-Both raw and tops

Corriedale (black)- tops

Falkland- Tops

Finnish Landrace (asst. colors)-Cleaned wool

Hebridian- Tops

Jacob (asst. colors)-Cleaned Wool

Leicester Longwool- Raw Fleece

Merino-Processed every way imaginable

Navajo Churro- Cleaned Wool

Shetland-Raw Wool and Tops

Wensleydale Longwool-Tops


Remind me if you see me at Wonderwool Wales trying to get any of these breeds please:-)

(BTW, plan on washing the raw fleeces next week!  Should be fun!)




4 Responses to “Avoidance”

  1. tini Says:

    oh cool! We can have fun with the drumcarder in September 🙂

  2. tini Says:

    Me again:
    I just got a Merino/banana/ramie mix 🙂 but just 50gr. Shall I try to get my hands on some interesting stuff, so that we can make a BFL-Ramie mix (for sock yarn??)

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