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Yesterday I got the word that it was time to go get some fleeces that I have been watching for the past two years (at very high speeds as I drove by!).  I thought that they were Hebridean sheep but I found out that they were Black Welch Mountain sheep instead.  I think I can be forgiven the mistake:-)  Anyway, I get there and this is what I first see… Lots of freshly shorn Black Welch Mountain sheep grazing.

This is what I saw (and smelled) next.  A jumbled pile of fleeces.

And a friendly horse keeping an eye on me.

Then I saw this, the back of my car filled with fleeces (and more fleeces in that bag!).

Then I came home and walked some dogs.  Not just mine, but the next door neighbor’s and their neighbor’s as well.  This meant 2 Golden Retrievers, a Lurcher and a Miniature Long-Haired Chihuahua (who doesn’t need her lead for this walk).  There is a lot more dog power there than it looks like, and if they were all a little more well-trained, I would probably strap skates on and mush them around the neighborhood!

As I was walking over the stile to get into the field, I got a great shot of my new shoes that got their inaugural trip to a farm today!  All you sock knitter take note, stiles are a great place to take pictures of your feet!  Action shots!  In the countryside!

Then I cut some roses.  Normally I am a big fan of leaving the flowers on the plants naturally, but this particular rose bush tends to get beaten by the wind and eaten by the bugs terribly.  So, I’ve been cutting some flowers…

And I made a sort of impromptu arrangement…

I put a bunch of roses in small glass vases (of which I am quite fond and have a fairly sizable collection) and lined them up across the mantlepiece of our fireplace.

It looks pretty and was super easy to do.

So that was my afternoon.  How was yours?

4 thoughts on “What My Afternoon Looked Like

  1. Malin says:

    Ooh, fleece! And the roses look reallly pretty. I wonder where my vases are…

    1. hortihoney says:

      If I had to make a guess as to where your vases are, I would say, “Probably in a box.”


      1. Malin says:

        Not a bad guess. The only thing is that there are several boxes. All over the place. Which one of them?

  2. Elske says:

    Ohhhhhhhh, that sweet smell of fleece and roses………………

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