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Holy crap, that knitting just FLEW by!  I love it when a pattern (in this case Simple Things by Mary-Heather Cogar) and a yarn (Skein Queen‘s Entwist in A Christmas Carol from the Knit magazine sock club) come together so very perfectly.  At least in my opinion.  The shawlete is a tad on the colorful side, but it will match pretty much everything that way!

This is the shawlete hot off the needles, not even blocked yet.

I had to run outside to take pictures of it because A.) no one would believe me that I finished something so fast otherwise and B.) the sun is going down and it is difficult to take pictures in the dark.

The amount of yarn worked out perfectly after I did 2 more repeats of the garter eyelet ridge than called for in the pattern.  I had exactly 10 grams left over, perfect for my sock yarn blanket!

I plan on making this pattern again as it is lovely for watching TV or traveling.  Really it’s almost stupid-proof.  And it makes variegated sock yarns look great.  Since there’s not a lot of lace to get lost, it could handle the deeply colorful nature of this yarn.

I will try to post blocking photos tomorrow (because y’all are just on edge for some hot blocking shots!).

One thought on “Off My Needles

  1. Barbro says:

    That’s a very nice looking shawl Sarah! Beautiful colors.

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