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We’re finally running in the wind here again.  Malcolm has been in full-on sniff mode for the past few weeks.  Rather than running around and getting his energy out he has been nose-to-the ground checking-out all the new and interesting smells.  Sometimes I wish I could explain things to him as you can almost see with the look on his face his questions.  Like, “What is THIS smell?  I’ve never smelled this before!”  I wish I could tell him (with pictures and graphs and maybe an interactive display of some sort) that this smell is a raccoon and it is called a wash-bear in Dutch because it washes it’s food and it looks like it is wearing a little mask and it is very cute but leave it alone as it can be very mean and tough.  But, I can’t so I just watch his fascination when he comes to the smell of an animal that he has never met before.

Today was one of the first days that he has really stretched-out his legs and ran.  Maybe it was because it was windy or perhaps it’s because he is getting used to all the new smells but today he ran.  And I didn’t capture it at all.  These are the two shots that I got on my iPhone of him today.

You can get an idea of just how windy it is seeing how his tail it nearly flattened and his ears are flopped the wrong way!


I think that Malcolm and Micheal will be playing outside soon enough as this little hop preceded Mal trying to entice Micheal to play with him.  I’ll be really glad when they start to rough-house outside and not only in the living room.  Neither one of them is especially small and it sounds like a herd of elephants jumping on each other!


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