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So, Christmas is fast approaching.  For anyone not believing me, just go into any department store and check-out the Christmas displays and music piping from the ceilings.  Christmas is on it’s way people!

This year, Christmas isn’t going to be a big one for me.  With the move and no job and everything else going on in my life right now, it doesn’t really make sense to go crazy this year, even a little bit.  However, there are a couple of little kids in my life, and I hate for them to not get anything from Auntie Sarah.  One is really too little to care still, but one is right in the beginning of when Christmas is a magical time of the year and Santa is real and all of that wonderful stuff.

Because of the lack of incoming funds and the fact that I have a metric ton* (which is 2,205 lbs for those of you curious) of yarn sitting in a storage unit now I figured that I would make 2 blankets before Christmas.  One is for a small(ish) child (he’s big for his age) and one is for a baby.  I think it’s do-able!  I’ve already gotten not quite a quarter of one of the blankets done (it’s one of my trademark scrapghans) and I have found the yarn and fabric for the other which is more of an accomplishment than it sounds like it should be:-)

Here is the progress on the scrapghan with Malcolm for scale:

And just to be fair (and to torture the dog a bit more:-)) here is the progress on blanket #2:

Please don’t think that I am a total lazy butt as the bed has been made once today already.  Malcolm and Weezy really don’t like it when it’s all nice and flat like that.  Both of them paw and work at it until the entire bed looks like a towel someone threw on the bathroom floor.  Then they are both happy with the bed!  Meara on the other hand just sort of slips under the covers near the pillows, not really disrupting them at all.

All of my knitting has been put on hold for the moment.  My crocheting is faster (I only started that blanket a couple of nights ago) and these need to be done asap, whereas the knitting is all for me and thus can wait for a bit.  I made a trio of dish cloths as well (for the mama of the two kids) prior to starting these blankets, so I’m not turning homo-craftual in case you were worried:-)


*I don’t really have 2,205 lbs of yarn.  I don’t think…

4 thoughts on “Christmas WIP’s

    1. hortihoney says:

      Is this a sigh of, “Oh crap it’s the holidays again!” or the fact that I’ve already started on my holiday crafting?

  1. Terri Pike says:

    Is the blanket crocheted on one side and fabric on the other? Or are you going to tear up the fabric and crochet with it as people do with old tee shirts?

    1. hortihoney says:

      The blanket that will be made with the red yarn in the picture with the fabric will be crocheted on one side and then have the fabric sewn to the other. The other one will be a “traditional” scrapghan, except smaller:-)

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