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I am currently in a Days Inn in Nashville, Tennessee sitting on my king sized bed listening to the weather report wanting to go to sleep.  I’ve driven a cargo van 12 hours today and I am completely exhausted.  However, somewhere deep inside of me I think that I was an OTR trucker in a former life.  I love road trips and find traveling alone kind of freeing.  There’s this weird  thing “out there” that says that women aren’t supposed to like to travel alone.  If we don’t travel with a significant other we are supposed to travel in groups.  I do like to travel with a group but it really isn’t essential for me to have fun.  I really enjoy traveling alone and I do get some “looks” for this and today was no exception to this.

Anyway, some of the things that I saw today as I drove from Iowa to Tennessee.

The mighty Mississippi from the Illinois side

Part of a wind turbine that I passed on the road. Yes, I am perhaps a tad obsessed with these things!)

One of the Cat plants in Moline.


This massive used book store is just down the road from my hotel here! It's seems to be in a former grocery store!


This is their craft section. It had a better knitting section than most NEW book stores!


The Haus of Yarn is right by my hotel. Alas it was closed:-(


I did pass through some snow in Kentucky. It didn't cause any issues with the roads at all.

One thought on “On the road (again)

  1. Terri Pike says:

    Sarah, I never heard back from you… when do you want to get together? Email me directly and lets hook up when you get here!

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