Sarah Jane Humke

The life of a traveling, reading, writing, spining and knitting shepherdess.

“Normal” person’s answer:

I got up, went to work.  The commute was hell.  Hated on my boss because he was acting like a dick.  Ate lunch at that new Mexican place on the corner.  It was terrible.  Everything smelled like fish except the fish which oddly smelled like chicken.  Went back to work for another 5 unproductive hours because the new chick in the corner cubicle was singing along to the new Justin Bieber single over and over.  Loudly.  And out of tune.  Drove home in even more hellish traffic.  Made dinner in the microwave and watched tv.


My answer:

Got up.  Took Mal for a walk (spaz-out) in the field while it was still frozen.  Helped my mom with cleaning until I threw a massive fit (don’t ask).  Started a fire (on purpose).  Went to town to the vet to get more meds for Sweetie Pie, the kitten refugee in my bedroom, as her sinus infection has come back.  Helped my dad get an escaped calf back in the pen.  Then, after dad left, managed to get that “red-haired bitch of a heifer” (his words, not mine) into the shed without any help.  She had attacked both 4-wheelers and cars previously.  He had been trying to catch her for 3 days.  Assisted the vet while he reinserted a prolapsed uterus into a doe goat who had just given birth.  This had me straddling the front end of the doe holding one of her hooves way up in the air (we needed gravity on our side with that thing!).  Watching this whole operation, I seriously reconsidered my urge to have children.  I then tried to graft her (big) doe kid onto the Christmas mother.  Failing that I warmed-up a half a cup of colostrum replacement and poured it into a Pepsi bottle with a big nipple on it and gave the little red baby its first meal.  During all these goat ministrations, I managed to get a pretty awesome assortment of really gross shit all over me making it so that the dogs really wanted to make love to my pants when I got inside.  Showered.  Looked up both prolapsed uterus and colostrum on the internet for spelling.  Oh, and in the midst of all of this, I answered about 2-3 dozen caucus calls, mostly from Mitt though a few were from Newt too.


How was your day?



(And yes, I will have baby goat feeding pictures tomorrow!)

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