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It’s not all goats and politics around here! January 3, 2012

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I’ve not just been feeding baby goats and learning about Iowan politics lately.  I’ve also been spinning!  You might remember me posting about the Easyknits dyed Merino that I was spinning into (really) fine singles.  Well, I filled three bobbins with that wool and plied them together to make a really lush, soft and just yummy yarn.  This is the kind of yarn that gets stuffed down shirt fronts at knitting events.  Really, it’s that good.  It ended-up being really well-balanced as well after I plied it which was sort-of a first for me.  The only disappointment for me?  The red in the dyed wool ended-up being a lovely shade of pink in the finished yarn.  Had I anticipated this happening, I probably would have just pulled it out and held onto it for another project.  What I did instead was to simply take the finished yarn with the pink in it and skeined it separately.

Please excuse the flashes of gold, pieces of a Christmas bow were the only thing that I had handy to mark the meterage onto that was waterproof!

These skeins are a nice 3-ply DK weight yarn totaling a little over 640 meters total.

The two all blue/grey skeins were each 150 meters for 300 meters total.

The two pink/blue skeins totaled about 340 meters.

I have immediate plans for the two blue/grey skeins while I am still pondering the fate of the pink/blue skeins.  They may end-up being made into something for a certain blue-eyed and blonde Finn that I happen to know:-)

The pictures that I took don’t honestly do the skeins justice.  However, I was battling 30mph wind gusts, sub-freezing wind-chill and the fact that the sun was departing the sky rapidly in order to get these photographed.

Now, just so you don’t miss a day of goat-y goodness here is a completely dorky picture of me feeding the baby in the middle of the night.  In the cold.  And the dark.  I have finally figured out how to hold the kid, feed it, and take a picture with my iPhone.  Or scratch my nose.


2 Responses to “It’s not all goats and politics around here!”

  1. Barbro Says:

    Beautiful yarns! I have been feeding your fish.

  2. tini Says:

    Awesome yarn 🙂 And you could still do some pinkish stripes into something with the blue 🙂

    The goat is so cute. Do you name your goats? If yes, I think, her name should be Sonya (like in red sonya 😉 )

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