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Sorry for the radio silence of late.  The job has finally kicked into gear and I was out and about most of last week.  Also, my apartment in Ames is partially underground.  I don’t know if this is the reason that the internet has been slow for the past few days or if there is just some dork trying to download porn ahead of me or something, but it has been twitchy enough that just getting my emails has been a challenge some days let alone posting a big, long blog post!

So when I got back to the farm Friday I had a fun pile of mail waiting for me.  Most of it was too banal for you my dear readers, but there was one piece that I thought that y’all should have a look at because it is beautiful.  It was a lovely birthday present from Jon at Easyknits.

It is the first edition of his Spin Love fiber club.  Isn’t it lovely?!?!?  Honestly, I don’t think that I will ever be a good enough photographer to be able to capture these colors with all the intensity they possess.   Both of the braids are 100% New Zealand Polworth wool and are soft and squishy.  I am really looking forward to spinning these, though I feel I should really come up with aplan for them first!

My little Traveler wheel is going to be getting some more miles put on it in the next few weeks as I plan on taking it back and forth with me to Ames.  I don’t have a lot to do there at night since I don’t really know anyone in town anymore so I can see me getting alot of spinning and knitting done in the next few months!

In other news, I have ordered new glasses and contacts for the first time in a few years this past week.  I’ve needed to do this for a while now, but I wanted to wait until I had a regular paycheck coming in before I got them.  I’ve not worn contacts regularly for the past several years (read 10+) so the options out there have really changed a lot!  I guess this means that I will have to start paying more attention to my eyebrows than I do now as my current glasses more or less completely obscure them from sight!

2 thoughts on “Underground

  1. tini says:

    Superawesome braids. I need to get back to spinning, I’ve been knitting so much (my own yarnclub forces me to knit a metric ton of fingering weight yarn :))
    Btw. if you search for Ames in Groups on ravelry, there are A LOT

    1. hortihoney says:

      A METRIC TON??????? That seems like a lot.

      I’ve contacted a few of the clubs. Most seem to meet on nights that I will be back in Ackley, but one seems to have sort of random meeting times so I am going to see if I can’t get hooked-up with them at some point.

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