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Last weekend Mr Luca went home to Wisconsin.  He traveled rather inelegantly in a dog crate in the back of my Honda Fit.  Yes, there are pictures.


This is a selfie I took. I promise I wasn’t driving when I took this:-)


Mr Luca took up almost all of the back of the car.  Though he looks crowded, he could turn around and his back and head weren’t touching the top of the crate.  About halfway there, he sat down and took a nap.


I think he was kind of confused by the whole situation, but he dealt with it pretty well.

He was greeted by lots of familiar faces when he got home.  Everyone seemed really excited to see him!


Mr Luca got his own room upon homecoming.  I think he was just happy to get out of the car.  Really, everyone was.

Hopefully we will see lots of little Mr Lucas running around here in a couple of months!

One thought on “Mr Luca Goes Home

  1. Barbara says:

    Glad you’re blogging again. Good luck with the sheep. I hope you get lots of babes.

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