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We had another lamb this morning, this time a little ewe lamb.  She was born to Katherine and I had a difficult time getting a photo of her because Katherine had her under the chicken coop and wasn’t too keen on me getting close!


However, she was a brand-new baby into the world so was curious about me and came out briefly to explore.


She was so new that she was still damp and mama was trying to follow her around and clean her off still.  Hopefully I will be able to get better photos of her tonight without resorting to crawling under the chicken coop!


2 thoughts on “Morning Lamb

  1. says:

    She didn’t seem tiny?

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    1. Sarah Jane Humke says:

      Not really, compared to any of the twins. She’s probably an inch taller than the first set and about a pound heavier (I’m guessing).

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