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On Friday evening Deb had a wonderful single ram lamb.  Now, I typically withhold judgement about lambs born until they are a little, or a lot, larger.  But I have to say that this little guy looks amazing.  And before people start asking why I say this, it’s because he has a super uniform fleece, no “britchy” area, and he’s just really well-formed and put together.  He’s difficult to get a photo of because his mama is so very protective of him.  The first twelve hours that this little guy was alive, I was unable to even get a very good look at him as Deb had him under the chicken coop and kept herself between he and I at all times.


On Saturday Libby had a lovely set of twins, a ram/ewe combo.  She is allowed me full-access to them almost immediately.IMG_3755IMG_2167

Sunday morning brought another single birth, this time a ewe lamb to Greta, my most reclusive sheep. IMG_5972 2

All four new lambs are doing really well and are all already playing with the rest of the new gang.

Going out to the pen is a tad overwhelming right now.  There are now seventeen lambs out there, and I have ten more ewes to lamb still.  However that means that ten ewes have lambed, so I hit the halfway mark Sunday.  For those keeping up with your stats, we have seven sets of twins and three singles out of ten ewes which is a 170% birthing average.

*Takes deep breaths*

Everywhere you look when walking around out there, there are lambs.  Lambs trying to get into trouble jumping up to play on someone other than their mama.  Lambs escaping the pen entirely and running around free as jaybirds with angry mamas bellowing for them to get their fuzzy little butts back home right now!  Babies asleep in the most unlikely corners.

IMG_0287 2IMG_6056IMG_4203 2  IMG_2624

The hens are happy for the return to warmer days.

IMG_1262 2IMG_1793 2

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