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As I mentioned in my previous post, Charlotte finally had her lamb, a little ewe.  She’s being a good mama to her and keeping her pretty protected so I was only able to get a few shots of her last night when she wasn’t basically a shadow behind a pillar or a bin.

IMG_0916 5


She’s a sweet little ewe that seems to be a tad overwhelmed by all her older and much larger half brothers and sisters.  She also has a lot of aunties who answer her when she bahs, so I think that she will do just fine.

Both Charlotte and I are, for very similar reasons, glad for her to have finally finished gestating.  She’s tired of being checked on and I am glad to no longer have to hunt her down and check on her.

Final stats for lambing 2018:

Thirty-one lambs out of twenty-one ewes

147.6% birthing rate

Of the lambs, sixteen were rams and fifteen were ewes

100% of ewes were bred

I love lambing season but I am really glad it’s over at the same time.  I worry about my girls, I worry about the lambs, I worry about all of it until it’s over.  This is now one less thing for me to worry about.  Now, to get them sorted, ready for Iowa Sheep & Wool Festival, the yearlings and wethers down to the bottom pasture (have never done this before so it’s going to be an adventure!), the ewes and lambs to the rotation around the farm, and to finish shearing them (when they are ready).  So don’t worry, I still have plenty to write about here!



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