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Simon the Siamese was born on our farm but we aren’t sure to whom and we sure as hell don’t know who his daddy is.  We don’t have any Siamese cats on the farm nor have we seen any lately that look the way he does.  However, Simon doesn’t let his unknown parentage stop him from being the most social of cats on the farm.

Simon actually has a job on the farm (other than being friendly and loving to everyone).  He will actually go into the hen’s coop at night and hunt the mice and rats that tend to be drawn to the chicken feed.  I don’t know how good he is at it but at least he tries.  He and the hens and roosters get along just fine, mostly ignoring one another but occasional he will try to give one of them a cat rub-by.

Herbert, my other extremely social creature on the farm, really loves Simon and I think that the feeling is reciprocated.


You can’t tell from this but Simon is giving Herbert a back rub.  And Herbert is letting him.

This morning, Simon made a new friend, Rita.


It was a total love fest.


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