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One of the things that I wondered about (but didn’t have time to check on prior to my last post on the subject) was if the Capricorn would fit in a standard sized bag for taking on flights.  My travel backpack is the eBags TLS Mother Lode Weekender Convertible Junior (I know, it’s a mouth-full of a name).  I chose to purchase this particular bag prior to my last trip all over Europe because it’s compliant with all of the airlines that I went on as a carry-on.  Since the list of airlines that I traveled on is rather extensive and esoteric, and many were very, very small, the fact that I could take this bag on all of them is pretty impressive.  Mind, I couldn’t have it at it’s maximum size (it unzips to add more space) but it fit never the less.  So putting the Capricorn in this bag is, to me, the ultimate test of it’s portability.


This owl is gonna fly.

There was plenty of space for the wheel and I could easily pack clothes around it to keep it cushioned.  The bobbins fit just fine in the front pocket of the bag.


There’s still plenty of room for pj’s, a change of undies and socks, and all the assorted other items that I typically pack in my carry-on when I travel.

Have wheel, will travel!

One thought on “Flying Capricorn

  1. spinner92892 says:

    Thanks so much for the pictures! This was something I’ve been wondering about this wheel.

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