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Today I hot oiled my spinning wheel. To every female (and I am sure, a few hair conscious males out there) who lived through the early 90’s, this brings up memories of little squirty vials that you were supposed to put in a glass of hot (not boiling) water to “activate” the oil, and then spread this warm grease on your head.  And then wash it back out.  The ends to which we will go in order to achieve “beauty” as it is classified at the moment.  Anyway, so I am doing something to my spinning wheel that is more or less not at all like that.  For starters, it involved a hot GLUE pot, and absolutely no water anywhere. Basically, I took a very small amount of hot oil on a rag and then rubbed like hell.  Way more work than the hot oil for your head.  Anyway, I now have layer one of the “hand rubbed oil finish” on my spinning wheel.  At least 2 more layers to go before I get to actually put it together, let alone play with it.  Sigh.  And watch, I get it all rubbed and oiled and put together and then……then…….I go to California for the weekend for a wedding. Sigh.

This has been a summer of weddings for me.  In early August, I had one in Nebraska to attend (which was a LOT of fun) then a few weeks later, one in Morocco. Now we are on to the California part of the summer, and then one more in the fall in Chicago.  I feel like I am too old to be going to this many weddings.  Aren’t you supposed to have the whole wedding craziness when you are like 23? I guess that all the folks that my husband and I know are a little…..different.  Go figure, right?

There’s also been a bumper crop of babies of late as well.  I have been a stitching up baby blankets as fast as I can find a seat in an airplane.  My travel projects are almost always baby blankets.  In fact, more than one friend has come to find that the baby blanket that I am giving their newborn is more traveled than they are.  Baby blankets are easy to pack and carry and I never use a pattern for them.  Oh hell, I scarcely ever use a pattern for ANYTHING, let alone baby blankets.

Here are some past baby blankets:

Baby Blankets that I made for Twins

Baby Blankets that I made for Twins

 "Little" baby blanket, good for the carseat.

I’ll have more to post soon as I have one that we are calling the “Babies r’ Us Flag” and a female version of the one above.  Both need to be finished post haste as the babies have both been born.  Ugh.
I don’t do blankets for weddings. First off, grown-ups are much bigger than babies, and much pickier.  They care about things like “color” and “design”.  Babies poop on design. So, for weddings, I tend towards Target gift cards (plus, they are easier to pack).  If any of these marriages make it to 20 years, then we might talk about a blanket.  Until then, it’s just too much to even think about it….
Hell, I don’t even have my spinning wheel put together yet.

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