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The life of a traveling, reading, writing, spining and knitting shepherdess.

I don’t really feel up to being creative right now, cleaning up dog poop from previously pictured cuties really takes the creativity right on out of a person (though, I am thankful that they are small dogs as I have cleaned-up rottweiler poop in the past, and that will just knock you flat on your ass!). So, I have decided to do a list of things that you probably don’t know about me.  Here goes…

1.)  I own over 3000 books.  I have more books than many small libraries do.  It’s a pretty amazing thing to behold, especially in a house that is under 1000 square feet.

2.) I have been working on my degree in horticulture since 1995.  I am finally set to expire, I mean graduate, this coming spring from the University of Florida.  Which, coincidentally, was voted the #1 party school in the US this year.  Go Gators!

3.) I love to sleep.  If one could really call sleeping a pastime, it would totally be mine.  And I am GOOD at it, like olympic level good.  I need my 8 hours or I am a seriously cranky woman.  However, I have a very hard time sleeping in public (like on planes or trains or places where folks are waiting for planes and trains).

4.) I write letters.  With real paper and quite often a fountain pen.  This is not some sort of response to an ever increasingly computerized world, I have been doing this consistently since I was in grade school.  I like to write on paper much more than I do typing.  I tend to be able to show my emotions through my handwriting a little better than through emotion-cons.  I also tend to coat the envelope of my letters with stickers.  I love stickers.

5.) I crochet.  I tend to crochet blankets.  I do not like reading patterns, but I love looking at pattern books.  I am trying to make a blanket from a pattern right now and it’s like trying to get me to speak dolphin.  Neither is very pretty.

6.) I can swear pretty raucously in Bulgarian.

7.) I love airplanes.  I love being by airports for the really little planes (you know, the 2 seat-er Cessna’s and planes like that).  My brother is in the Iowa National Guard and is a crew chief for a Black Hawk helicopter.  Other than the whole “going to Iraq for a year thing” I am so jealous.

8.) I wanted to elope.

9.) I want to drive to Alaska from Florida. As part of this, I LOVE Northern Exposure and am so VERY VERY jealous of Amy from The Hook and I for getting to move to Cordova, Alaska.  So, while I am getting ready to move to somewhere near but outside of London, I am living vicariously through her.

10.) I have loved Martha Stewart since I was in middle school.


Ok, enough for now.

One thought on “1, 2, 3, 4, what in the hell is this day for

  1. Amy says:

    Oh, if you make it to Alaska, you must come visit Cordova, I’ll show you around!

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