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Ok, so maybe I am little paranoid, but I just got a webcam for a distance ed class that I am taking, and it is freaking me the fuck out. It’s a little voyeur into the life of my cats and I. I feel like it is watching me, even though the little lens case thingy is closed. Ugh. I hate it. I have fought (successfully) for several years against having one of these in my house. Now, against my will and required for a class that I need to graduate I have one perched on the top of my screen. Sigh. Next they will implant a chip into my neck. They’ve already done it to the cats and dogs! Y’all think I’m paranoid….just you watch.

The view from the Logitech Webcam

The view from the Logitech WebcamJiji on webcam!Milo in Motion!Jiji is being watched too!Milo in motion!

Today I got some new books. Through Paperback Swap I got Died in the Wool, Knit Fast, Die Young, A Deadly Yarn, and Needled to Death. Are you seeing a pattern with the book selections? Thought so. Now I am going to blow that pattern out of the water (sort of, if you really know me, the following selections won’t seem too odd). This afternoon I received signed copies of these books: Cutting Propagation and Nutrient Deficiencies in Bedding Plants. I am a geek on so many levels. And I have a seriously eccentric library!

The lovely and sweet Ivy cat is recovering well at the vets office after her surgery today. She will be coming home to the greenhouse in the morning and I am sure will receive much attention from all there. I always feel so bad for the cats and dogs right after I get them from surgery. With one big exception. When the vet brought Micheal out from his neutering, he was literally bouncing on his back two legs. When the lady at the desk said that I needed to keep him calm and as immobile as possible. I just looked at him, doing circus dancing tricks all over the lobby, then at her and asked how she proposed that I do that? She didn’t last too long at my vet’s office.

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