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Once again, I got my pesky valuable and very informative homework out of the way earlier today, so I am free to write this and not freak out about how it needs to be done before I can go to bed tonight. This is growth.

As I write this, I am also downloading some audio books to my ipod so that I can listen to them on the go and while I am crocheting. I know that I am a little slow on the up-take sometimes, but this idea just came to me last week (and I had to wait for tech support to get home to show me how to do it…). I think that this will greatly increase the number of books that I “read”.

Tonight was the Altamonte Springs Happy Hookers meet-up. It was a smaller than usual group tonight, but we had 2 finished projects! David finished his very cool shopping bag made out of cut up plastic shopping bags. All of those damn plastic Publix bags were finally put to good use. David best get to be faster at making them as he had an offer to buy the one that he was working on while we were sitting in our usual Panarea! This was a sort of unusual group in that my lovely husband came over and joined us for a little while. We are down to one car currently, so it was either that or he would stay at work until we were done. He got to meet Chris and David for the first time and oddly enough, Denise, our rocking housesitter! Yep, she had been staying in our house for more time than he has of late, and he had never met her. So it goes when you are an international TECH STAR!

David and his Crocheted Plastic Shopping Bag

David and his Crocheted Plastic Shopping Bag

The other finished project was the baby blanket that goes to the hubby’s brand new baby girl cousin. First girl on that side of the family since his mother, so a cause for much excitement. I still haven’t worked in the ends (as nobody had yarn needles handy) but it will be on it’s way to it’s intended by Monday! (Doh! I have probably cursed myself by typing that last statement!!!!)

The Baby Blanket, Girl Version

The Baby Blanket, Girl Version

Tomorrow I take in Ivy, the cat from work, to get her spay surgery. She’s such a sweetheart of a cat, always purring and wanting to play or cuddle. Her momma is a very good social cat as well and I’m quite glad that she takes after her as far as personality goes. Ivy came to us from a friend’s organic herb and rose farm, so she was an all natural kitten! If you are ever in the Central Florida area, check out Seminole Springs Antique Rose and Herb Farm. Very cool place to hang out and very cool people to hang out with. The hubby and I often help out during the annual butterfly and herb festivals held out there.

Lovely Ivy

Lovely IvyWhat a friendly cat!

Can't get enough pictures of this cat!


In totally unrelated news. Tonight I was in Barnes and Noble in the local shopping mall (I had gone into the mall to see if the shirts that go with my business suit were on sale yet [don’t ask]) and what should I find on the 2009 Page a Day calender display? The Yarn Harlot’s Never Not Knitting! Ok, so I admit that I bought it and from the looks of the display I wasn’t the first one. I just really didn’t want them to run out until I had gotten a copy. Of course, I always advocate buying such things at your local book or yarn shop. I’m so bad! If you haven’t yet checked our Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s blog, be sure to. It is easily one of the best (and funniest) about knitting around. (And despite some occasional anamosity from both sides of the crochet/knitting line, it is still all working with yarn folks!)

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