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I was originallygoing to call today’s post Monday’s are Mexican day as my husband suggested calling this day, but decided on the margaritas instead.  First off, my husband has become a tequila snob.  Yes, you read that right, a tequila snob.  Like some people become wine snobs sniffing glasses and taking tiny sips of alcohol and talking about how much oak or pepper they can taste in it so my husband became a tequila snob.  Most of it was because of the Green and Red, a restaurant near where my husband has been living in London.  If you are in the area, I would highly recommend it.  Anyway, this place has the largest bar selection of tequila in London, and since my husband has been around it, he has absorbed some information about it (as well as more than a few glass fulls!).  However, one of the things that he rally misses is the vegtable molcajete that he gets at our “local” Mexican restaurant, Fiesta Grande,  in Mt. Dora (one town over).  a molcajete is a lava stone mortar and pestle that is used commonly to grind up corn in Mexico.  The dish of vegetables (special ordered for him, they also have shrimp, steak and chicken I think) is served in a REALLY hot molcajete, this is a meal that actually get hotter as you eat it!  The place is great and if you ever are in Mt. Dora, I highly recommend it.

The Vegetable Molcajete

The Vegetable Molcajete

Last night I spun two bobbins of wool and will ply them sometime today.  The hubby is starting to fall under the spell of the wheel I think.  I was spinning in the dinning room while he was making dinner in the kitchen.  He started talking about how it was sort of soothing.  Hee hee hee… my plan to take over the world with a spinning wheel are coming along nicely….  Just need the addition of a splash of tequila.

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