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We have 2 cat litter boxes again. 


We were down to one very large Booda Clean Step domed monster for about a year.  We used to have a bunch of omega pawroll over type litter boxes, but Jiji got to the point where she would pee out the back of it with the front of her body completely in it.  We haven’t had that issue with the Booda since a cat has to walk completely into it in order to get to any litter.  Now she just randomly sometimes poops on the stairway into it.  Anyway, when Willma decided to move back into the house, I had to break out the omega paw box once again.  She would only sit and hiss at the litter box where the rest of them go.   She also hisses at their food as well.  I can only imagine that this is where the term “hissy fit” came from.  Well, unless it came from something like “pissy fit” which is another thing altogether.

So, now we have a separate food and cat litter box set up for Willma in the front room and the regular box in the office.  It is a lot of litter.  It is a lot of poop.  And the smell is more widespread.  It is not ideal and hopefully I will be able to get Willma to gradually move into the office where the other cat litter box is.


We are also having issues with the remaining puppies going to the bathroom in the house.  I don’t know if it is because Micheal is gone, and he was REALLY good about not ever going in the house (ok, there were a few exceptions to that statement.  A few times he totally protest pooped while we were on vacation and he had a few accidents when he was sick.  But for 10 years, that’s not a lot of interior pooping.).  It could also be that we were gone so much over the summer that they, I don’t know, forgot their training or something.  Anyway, they are both on “lockdown” for a while.  Which means that they cannot be anywhere in the house not in sight of either the husband or I at all times unless they are enclosed in their crates.  They are not happy about this.  Hell, I am not happy about this, but it is the only way that I can think of to get them to stop doing this.  Basically, start over and act like they are puppies again. 


Part of the Pee/Poop Factory

Part of the Pee/Poop Factory

It is a pee and poop fest ’round these parts!



Milo and Weezy being extra cute

Milo and Weezy being extra cute

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