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The life of a traveling, reading, writing, spining and knitting shepherdess.

I have an urge.  An urge that involves a dark blue sharpie, the cover of darkness and a small flashlight.  Oh, and a sign on someone’s front lawn.  


Have you seen those McCain-Palin signs everywhere?  When I very first saw one I thought that it said McCain-Pain and I though, “Heck yeah!”.  Then I realized what it really did say.  Then I thought that with the judicious use of the dark blue sharpie marker, it really COULD say that.  


It has been stuck in my mind ever since.  I don’t know that I would actually do it.  None of my neighbors usually put those types of signs in their yards (in my neighborhood, it’s more likely to be a confederate flag in the place of a front curtain that shows their political affiliation).  But the idea, the thought of doing just makes me unreasonably happy for some reason.  


Also, the hubby shared this YouTube video with me and it just made me smile.  


In other, just as odd news.  I have decided to give swheat scoop litter a chance.  I am testing it out on Willma, who is now confined to the bedroom.  Milo has been picking on her and not allowing her to eat or use the litter box (which is, I’m sure, the reason that she resorted to using yarn as litter).  So, now she has a food and water bowl and a litter box in the bedroom all to herself and she is loving it!  Even when I put a collar on her for the first time in 7 years, she seemed pretty ok with it.  By the way, all of the cats that weren’t previously collared (that is everyone but Milo) now are.  I want them all to have 2 forms of ID on them when they are traveling to the UK (they all also have chips implanted in them, but they are a little harder to read if you just randomly find a cat) just in case.  


The past 2 weeks have found me reading a lot more than I have been for a while.  All of the books have been crochet/knitting/yarn/spinning based.  I have read Knit Lit the Third, Knit Lit (Too) and Knit Lit all in fast succesion.  I have Hooked, a collection of stories that is similar to the Knit Lit series, but about crochet.  I also am nearly done reading Free-range knitter: The yarn harlot writes again.  The Yarn Harlot has hit another home run in this book.  A few less one-liners, more introspection but still dead funny.  I would totally suggest it to anyone who maybe thinks a little too much about yarn:-)  These 3 books are all short stories or poems and snippets, nothing very long.  Very good for that bit of time when your hand just needs a break.  I also have the book The Knitter’s Book of Yarn: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing, Using, and Enjoying Yarn waiting for a time when I have more time to really go through it.  I looks like a great book, but as usual, knitting-centric.  Are knitters the only ones who use yarn???


Last night I watched the movie Eastern Promises because it has one of my favorite actors, Viggo Mortensen in it (and I knew from my hubby that you saw a LOT of Viggo in it!).  However, I didn’t know that you saw most of him in a fight scene in a bathhouse with lots of blood and death.  Major downer for me, but a pretty good movie if you can handle the violent bits.  

Tonight I am going to watch P.S. I Love You because I am a girl and I need to watch a girlie movie after the shocking violence from last night.


Ok, enough media.  No pictures as the sun is gone from the sky and the yarn is still not photographed.

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