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The life of a traveling, reading, writing, spining and knitting shepherdess.

So, I got to start a new project tonight.  Why did I “get to” you might ask?  Why, I finished one of my special couch projects (that I can’t show you for a while [think Christmas] as it is a gift for someone) last night re-watching the complete Firefly series.  Ok, so I only got through a few episodes, but you know what I mean.  I was watching it on dvd.  Anyway, so I finished this test of will power and faith and….well….didn’t have anything else to work on for a while.  So, today I was ambling about on Ravelry and realized that the party that they are having at Rhinebeck (only a week to go OH MY GOD!!!) is going to be outside.  Which means cold (or at the very least cool, which for someone used to yearly lows for an area being in the 40’s means cold) and that everyone else there would be able to wear something that they knitted or crocheted and I can’t wear one of the bajillion blankets haven’t made anything clothing for me, ever.  No scarves, ponchos (gag a little at that word) hats, sweaters, socks, nothing.  So, I decided to make a shawl.  I saw a pattern I think in Crochet Today! for a “quick and easy” shawl that actually looked like something that I would wear for once (usually, to me, “quick and easy” also translates to “butt and ugly”) but not in a yarn that I would like.  Technically, this is the pattern that I am following but I think that it is going to end-up looking quite a bit more like this as I think that it needs to be a little longer and more substantial.  I stopped at Sip and Knit on my way to the Happy Hookers Meet-up.  Hung out with Tucker the sinfully cute furry mascot of the store for a little bit and made my way with 4 skeins of Mirasol Sulka yarn in caramel and 2 in snow white.  I found this yarn originally during a visit to Chicago.  I made a (rather) expensive scarf out of it then, now I am making a (rather) expensive shawl out of it.  However, I will tell you, it is going a lot further in the shawl than it did in the scarf!  Anyway, I am (a little) bummed because Sip and Knit is having it’s 10th anniversary party the Sunday that I am going to be at Rhinebeck and it sounds as though they have a lot of cool give-aways and discounts planned.  Doh!  Anyway, so I am about halfway through the pattern as it was written and it has been, indeed, “quick and easy” and it is still looking like something that I would deem acceptable to put on my back, so it all seems good (so far).


Otherwise, my days are a blur of homework, pet care, work and move preparation.  I will try to take a photo of the WIP shawl tomorrow (as it is too dark and too rainy outside tonight [It was a dark and rainy night…..]).


Now, I need to go and try to save some African violets from Destructo Cat’s vengeance.

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