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I have done an informal survey and it seems as though the driving in this area is getting worse.  Not over the past years, but rather over the past couple of weeks.  I chose to blame it on the stress that is raging around all of us with the economic meltdown going on currently.  People have gotten simultaneously aggressive and forgetful.  I have been hearing a lot more honking than I ever have in this area, and I have been run out of my lane twice in a week by people changing lanes without looking first.  I admit, it seems like the entire world (or at least the financial world) is coming to an end.  And the constant bleating of the presidential candidates is starting to grate on everyones nerves.  However, folks, we need to keep our eyes on the damn road folks!!!  It is not going to help either the economy or your mental state if you run into me!!!

In other news…. Today I went on the “Happy Hookers Hit the Road!” field trip to Mt. Dora.  We had lots of fun freaking the muggles out all over downtown with quite the crew of hookers.  Lots of fun (and yarn) was had by all.  I might have a few pictures later as David was mister candid camera the whole day!


Still working on the shawl.  Didn’t photograph it today (I suck, I know!) but it is getting bigger and bigger.  Hopefully it will be big enough and warm enough by the time I get to Rhinebeck.  Reports from friends in the NE tell me that the leaves are starting to turn, so hopefully my 2 hour+ drive will be even more lovely than usual.  


Drive safe everyone!

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